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Feature: The GTA V Debut Trailer Under The Microscope

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By now everyone should have already gushed over the brand new Grand Theft Auto V trailer long enough and be already picking it apart at the seams... we’re way ahead of you.

After much toing and froing between Rich and myself as to which trailer was better – GTA IV versus GTA V (Rich incidentally said V and I didn’t think it had the same impact and style that IV had) – we eventually got around to picking apart the trailer and breaking it down for you – with screens galore – from the main character and the music choice, to the setting and observations we made.

Join us then as we get our magnifying glasses out and speculate like crazy!

The main character:

The lead character, presumably seen at 0:40, talks about moving to Los Santos and buying a big house to be a “good guy” for once and to be a father. Whether he is one yet, it doesn’t really insinuate, but it does go on to say that basically, the shit hit the fan and things never turn out the way you plan. Go figure!

Is it Tommy Vercetti? Isn’t it? The internet seems split on this, but we’re not convinced. For one, Rockstar aren’t known to bring back old characters to take centre stage in their new games, especially Grand Theft Auto! And for two, it may look like an older version of him, but it doesn’t sound like him... bringing back Vercetti without Liotta would be criminal! It could be, but we’re not convinced yet.

The music:

Rockstar love their music in their trailers and this latest one is no different. Thanks to the wonderful Shazam we can tell you that the trailer’s song is a 1968 song from the British band, Small Faces and is in fact the title track from their Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake album.

Does that mean it’s set in the 60s? Not necessarily, it could be a song from one of the classic rock stations they usually have in the game and everything in the trailer suggests it’s more current day than anything else.

The setting:

There’s a lot of speculation around the internet that the next game is set in San Andreas, but that, going by this trailer alone, is purely speculation and nothing more. Nothing in the trailer suggests that it goes outside the confines of the fictional LA and its surrounding areas, and other than a few number plates with San Andreas on them (Los Santos is still in San Andreas, after all) that’s all we have to go on. Whether that was Rockstar’s intention, who knows, and for all we know they could show off Las Venturas and San Fierro in the second and third trailer, but until we see definitive proof or hear it from the horse’s mouth, we’re not committing. It wouldn’t surprise us, but to assume is to make an ass out of you and me.

The trailer (the breakdown):

So that’s the nitty gritty out the way, let’s focus on the trailer itself and all the stuff that you could miss if you blinked... you know, in typical Rockstar fashion!

Awwww, such a pretty sunset on the beach. We hope there's red Baywatch swimming costumes in there... What's that? A dog? Yes, it is.

People running? Big whoop, right? But what about the other women running the other way, turning around to check out the bods of the male runners? Very cool... does that mean we can expect more reactive pedestrian AI?

Two things: they're playing golf and there's a big ass blimp in the sky. Can we fly it? Can we crash into it? Let's hope so.

Jet skis are in. Great. Dudes wearing blue shorts, yellow life jackets and yellow shades. Not so great.

Fancy a hike up into the surrounding hills... well, mountains, then it looks like that's an option. Or, you could just go into the hills and pick off other hikers with a sniper rifle. We'll take the second option.

It looks like GTA V welcomes convertible cars that can switch from open-top to closed-top with the click of a button. You know, because you don't want our virtual protagonist to get rain pixels on his lovely hair.

"E Cola - Deliciously Infectious" - Ahhh, Rockstar, good to see the humour's still there!

Nothing particularly noteworthy here, expect those cool looking wind turbines and dirt roads.

People exercising on the balcony? It looks like the attention to detail is as much a part of the franchise than ever before.

Two things: Little Seoul and the Los Puerta Freeway. A couple of locations that will feature in the game then.

Ladies and gents, let us present Venice Beach, or as Rockstar call it, Muscle Sands. Notice that it confirms that the city is indeed called Los Santos on the same sign.

A quick snapshot of who we assume will be our main protagonist and downtown Los Santos.

What do we have here then? Some dude with terrible dress sense, a dilapidated neighbourhood and some street baller giving him the eyes. I sense danger for one person here...

Anyone fancy a visit to the Mile High Club?

A biplane, cherry pickers and crop dusting... just another day in the surrounding areas of LS!

Again, the supposed lead character busts out of a "Bugstars" van to pull a heist on a jewellery shop. Bugstars, according to the side of the van, are looking to put the "FU in fumigate." Love it!

The number plate says San Andreas, in case you wondered... well, we think it does.

Another number plate, another San Andreas reference. What is our obsession with number plates!?

Homeless people in LA!? Sorry, I mean, LS! Whodathunk it!?

A nice little snapshot of the side of a mail truck. This is definitely a blink and you'll miss it shot... and another subtle (or not so subtle) Rockstar jab at American culture.

A 'For Sale' sign being knocked into the lawn? Recycling cans? Trash on the floor? The house number on the curb? Again, the attention to detail is astonishing!

Halo has Spartans. Uncharted has Nathan Drake. GTA has hookers... lots of hookers!

If the homeless are all going to be this funny, we may run out of money quick! In case you can't read it, it says "Need money for beer, drugs and hookers. At least I'm not bullshitting u!"

Yes, more homeless people, this time with tents made out of tarpaulin and other junk.

Jets. Are. Back. Hells. Yes!

Outside of a club called Tequi-La-La and under an advert for Enema (ha!), we see a man being thrown out of a club. We get the feeling he's a tad drunk!

Welcome to Los Santos, the city of epic sunsets and smog.

Police chases? In GTA? With cars trading paint? Check, check and double check!

Helicopters, check. Police foot chases, check. You know, the usual GTA stuff.

The iconic Vinewood sign on Vinewood hill which rose to fame in San Andreas in Rockstar's take on Hollywood. Yes, this is still classed as Los Santos.

Jets... Did we mention jets were back? Yes, well let us say it again... there's jets in GTA V!!


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