Xbox 720 Readying Up for CES 2012 Reveal?

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Rumours regarding the reveal of Microsoft's next-generation of Xbox refuse to go away again this week, as French gaming site Xboxygen claims that Major Nelson is set to be involved in a special unveiling at CES 2012, finally lifting the lid on what may or may not be called 'Xbox Loop'.

But as GamePro notes, a full reveal seems somewhat unlikely at CES, with a larger, more high profile event in the gaming industry calendar like E3 or Gamescom being a more likely venue for Microsoft to show off its new console to the world for the first time.

It could be that instead, MS is offering a very hush-hush behind-closed-doors look at the new console, which according to VG247 is being developed by two separate camps. The 'Loop' division, which is handling the software aspects and the 'Infinity' team who is supposedly working on the hardware planning for the next Xbox.

Xboxygen's source says that strangely, the project began as far back as 2005 and that an announcement could be coming at CES 2012. Here's a translation of the main part of the rumour: "It also tells us that an announcement will be made at CES 2012. Not necessarily with a huge announcement of the first games already, but we should have some information on the new console, as [well as] some of its capabilities. CPU level, it would be a hexa-core with 2GB of DDR3, and our source also told us of a prototype dual-GPU AMD. We could not know the RAM."

Last week also saw rumours emerging that the so-called Xbox Loop could also use Windows 9, and could be cheaper and smaller than the Xbox 360. As ever, we'll believe it when we see it.


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