Is BioWare's Mystery Project a New Command & Conquer?

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Speculation and rumours have been circulating regarding BioWare's mystery project that's been teased with a single cryptic screenshot and all of three seconds of video, with the latest rumblings believing that it could be the next instalment in EA's Command & Conquer series, which hasn't had a game since C&C 4 on PC in 2010, and hasn't appeared on consoles since Red Alert 3 in 2008.

Twitter-based internet sleuth Superannuation has unearthed a LinkedIn account that apparently pairs BioWare with development studio Victory, who is reported to be working on a AAA entry in the Command & Conquer series, which points to the possibility that the teased game, with its tanks and APCs, could be a new C&C.

Furthermore, Superannuation also called attention to a BAFTA press release, suggesting that the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer is branching out into strategy. "BioWare is a label within parent company, Electronic Arts. BioWare now has seven locations worldwide, and specialises in role-playing, strategy and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, including the story-driven MMO game, Star Wars: The Old Republic and the award-winning science fiction action-RPG franchise, Mass Effect."

It had been speculated earlier last night that the BioWare project could be Mercs Inc, a game that Visceral LA had been working on before it was scrapped when the studio closed. An EA representative dispelled this rumour by posting a denial on Superannuation's Facebook page.

Could BioWare be conceivably working with Victory in bringing Command & Conquer back, or are we all barking up the wrong tree? All will be revealed on December 10th at the VGAs.

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