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Ubisoft has released some new details about its upcoming Rainbow Six sequel. Cut through the PR gumph and there's some interesting stuff in there.

According to the release, Rainbow Six: Patriots explores a "what-if" scenario inspired by real events and people. Taking the role of the squad's leader, you must guide Team Rainbow (which still doesn't sound very macho does it?) in a battle against organised militia and home-grown insurgents. It also promises to challenge players with "difficult ethical decisions."

As ever with Rainbow Six games, you will be able to command your team. But this time Ubisoft are promising "full-control," with your squad performing "the most efficient and deadly tactic given the context of the situation." Killing people in the face then, yeah?

In addition to all this there's some new combat techniques on offer too, including revised Rappel and Breach mechanics. These include new techniques like "Wall & Ceiling Breach," "Fast Rope Rappel," inverted 'Aussie Style Rappel' and something called Infiltrate & Subdue, among others.

(They best not have messed with the cover system though. If they have, I'll Infiltrate and Subdue all over their asses. Rainbow Six: Vegas' cover system was flawless.)

With regards to multiplayer Ubi have added a nice new touch in the form of the Sandtable, a holographic display that allows players to acquaint themselves with the maps, meaning you and your team can plan your route of attack.

And last up, in what seems like an evolution of the Stick-It-Under-the-Door Cam, you can now execute thermal scans of rooms before you breach, in order to plan the perfect assault.

It all sounds rather nice, doesn't it? Can't wait to get our hands on it. Expect more in the coming weeks.

Rainbow Six: Patriots is out in 2013.


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