Devil's Due Publishing Partners with Capcom

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A news post about comic books from the site comic book nerd? Fancy that.

Devil's Due is a very good independent publishers, currently with rights to a few fairly big names including G.I. Joe, Family Guy, Chucky and Halloween. They've also got quite a bit of seriously nerd-core stuff like Forgotten Realms, Demonwars and D&D. However, with this pairing, they will be putting out at least Lost Planet and Bionic Commando comics, as well as two unconfirmed titles. I'm guessing Street Fighter will be one (considering publisher Udon has only put out 6 issues in over two years, last of which dropped in early '07 - that most likely lost them the rights) and hopefully something a little more unique like Dead Rising.

Edit: Thanks to BigApple for alerting me about Udon still holding the rights to Street Fighter, so I guess that won't be one of them. I usually went to for their news which hasn't had an update since Nov '07, but Udon's main blog has been updated to reveal a Chun-Li mini-series, as well as a follow-up to the 6-issue Street Fighter II series with Street Fighter III: New Generation coming sometime this year. Good news for me, I enjoyed their stuff and their art style fits it perfectly, which is obviously why they are working on the XBLA port of SSF2:THDR. But that really has nothing to do with this Devil's Due/Capcom partnership, so I'll shut up now.

Here's the official announcement:

"This year, one of the biggest names in cutting-edge action comics will team with one of the most respected publishers and developers of video games, as Devil's Due announces a new publishing deal with Capcom®. As part of an expansive package, Devil's Due will launch four new titles based on Capcom game properties, including Bionic Commando® and Lost Planet™.

"DDP is very excited to be joining forces with Capcom," said DDP President Josh Blaylock. "Not only are these awesome games, but they have great stories behind them ripe for comics, including a vintage classic with Bionic Commando that's been revived along with the new sequel."

Already a leader in comic books featuring prominent pop culture icons, Devil's Due heads into Summer 2008 with a rapidly swelling library of new adapted and original titles.

"Devil's Due is a very passionate and creative comic publisher," said Germaine Gioia, senior vice president, licensing, Capcom Entertainment. "We are thrilled to be working with DDP to begin evolving some of our highest profile videogame properties in other media."

More details about Devil's Due's plans for Bionic Commando, Lost Planet, and other new Capcom books will be announced at July's San Diego Comic-Con."

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