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Acti Explains Why 360 Users Get CoD: Elite Content Before PS3

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Activision has moved to clear up confusion surrounding DLC release date disparity across its Call of Duty Elite platforms. Trouble is, it wasn't done in the most delicate of ways.

Some PS3 users are unsure why, despite dishing out extra for the Elite service, they still have to wait longer than Xbox 360 owners. So "Activision blogger" Dan Amrich tried to explain.

Writing on his One of Swords blog, Amrich said, "Somewhere along the way, people convinced themselves that an Elite subscription would trump the 2010 DLC exclusivity deal that was created before Elite existed; that by paying for Elite, they were somehow invalidating a contract between Activision and Microsoft.

"It doesn't make any sense, but it is what people started to think," wrote Amrich.

The Xbox 360 exclusivity deal ensures that all Call of Duty DLC appears on the platform first, typically around a month before anywhere else.

"What I found was that you can't prove the non-existence of something," continued Amrich. "I can find no evidence of 'buy Elite, get PS3 DLC same time as 360' ever being so much as suggested by any official source."

"It was never one of the things listed in the official benefits chart; it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers."

Clearly in need of a customer service course, Amrich went on, "Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen. That makes sense, but it doesn't make it true.

"I'm seeing people scream 'rip-off' and stuff like that, but nobody's going to get ripped off; every gamer will get everything they were promised and everything they paid for. It's unfortunate that people assumed things about Elite that turned out to not be based in fact, but I hope the truth is clear now.

"Unpopular, I'm guessing, but clear."

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