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Street Fighter X Tekken Lacking Local Co-Op For Xbox 360 While Online

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Street Fighter X Tekken is out this week, and if you were hoping to get your tag-team on with a friend in local co-op, you'll be able to do so offline. However, if you're hoping to head online with a tag-team friend, you'll run into problems on Xbox Live. There's currently no support for 2-player online co-op play, despite the feature being advertised in the game's manual.

Being a tag-team fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken boasts support for up to 4 players, either diving in all at once for a Scramble Battle or partaking in traditional tag-team scrapping with the ability to tag in and out of the fight in pair play. On PS3, you're able to head online with a friend for a tag battle, but on Xbox 360, there seems to be an issue with this particular feature, and Capcom can't seem to pinpoint the reason why.

US Capcom boss, Christian Svensson attempted to offer the following reasoning for the issue, based upon information from his team, as reported by EventHubs, claiming it's something that can't be patched. "It will not be patched and apologies for the manual inclusion," Svensson wrote on the Capcom forum. "Seems it was an oversight. The difference has to do with how Xbox Live differs from how it handles online and offline accounts."

Svensson went on to offer the following explanation: "According to the team: 'PS3 version: It is possible to mix and match online and offline players for Scramble Battles and pair play battles. Two local players can play on the same PS3 using 1 PSN ID, and play against other players online. '360 version: It is NOT possible to mix and match online and offline players for Scramble Battles and pair play battles. So you either have to have all players be offline and local (so 4 players, 1 Xbox) or have all the players be online (4 players, 4 Xboxes)'" Capcom claims.

"The reason for this difference is because of the architecture differences between gamertags and PSN IDs. I'm not sure of the technical details, but basically it amounts to: Sony made it so you can mix and match online and offline, and Microsoft made it so you can't."

Many gamers have called this explanation into question though, as games like Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, Halo and Call of Duty have always been able to handle two gamertags on one console while playing via Xbox Live.

"I'm going to be looking into this issue further btw," Svensson wrote in an update. "I'm also a bit confused by the feedback from the team."

Here's hoping that Capcom get around to fixing this problem quickly. The thought of no online local co-op Scramble Battles makes us sad. Street Fighter X Tekken is out now in North America, and will be coming to Japan on March 8th and Europe on March 9th. Read our review here.

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