Mainstream Press Should Do More to Educate Parents About The Ratings System, Says Livingstone

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Ian Livingstone has reiterated his disappointment in the mainstream press, saying that outlets could do more to educate parents about the ratings system. Indeed, he believes they are utterly ignorant of it.

At GDC this year, the Eidos life president and Games Workshop founder took to the stage to brand sensationalist games coverage by the mainstream press as "ludicrous." In defence of the medium, Livingstone pointed to the diversity of content available, from kids games all the way up to violent shooters, and the "robust ratings system" designed to guide consumers to make the right choices.

However, the ratings system, as robust as it is, isn't always recognised by parents. Why does Livingstone think that is?

"Well, the ratings are clearly on the box," he told us, suggesting that parents have no excuse. "But I don't think the media have done enough to guide parents to the fact that there are guidelines there. They seem to not understand games as a medium as much as they understand films as a medium. They don't have as much parental input as they should."

"The trouble is that the media believe that all games are for children," he continued. "They are not even aware of the ratings system. The truth is that most PlayStation and Xbox players are in their late twenties or early thirties. And you have mature content for mature users, just as you have mature films for mature viewers. Games are no different."


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