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Brandon Sanderson Announces Mistborn: Birthright

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Hit fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson has announced via his blog that an Action RPG set inside the world of his best-selling fantasy series "Mistborn" will be released late next year. Often referred to as the "master of the magic system," Sanderson has created many unique forms of magic with varying rules and laws in his novels, none more popular than the art of "Allomancy" featured in the Mistborn universe.

In Allomancy, those born with the power to do so can enhance their physical and mental abilities by swallowing and "burning" various metals. For instance, those who can burn steel (also known as Coinshots) can "push" on any form of metal, allowing them to shoot anything weighing less than them as a projectile (most commonly coins - see image below) or force their body away from any metal weighing more than them. Burners of tin (also known as Tineyes) can enhance their natural senses, though a sudden loud noise or flash of light can leave them dazed. And so on - you can read up on all eight Allomantic powers at the game's official website.

For those familiar with the Mistborn novels, the game will be set hundreds of years before the start of the first book, during the early days of The Final Empire. Those not familiar... well, you've got well over a year to read them, so hop to! I've personally read every novel Sanderson's written (well, minus the work he's done on the Wheel of Time series) - in fact, I wrote this news piece without having to read and regurgitate the rules of Allomancy off a wiki - so I'll be keeping a close eye on this as it develops. If they can really nail down the various abilities gained by burning the different metal types, it would have some excellent gameplay features available to it.

Sanderson will be working closely with publisher Little Orbit and developer Game Machine Studios to ensure the adaptation is faithful, on top of writing the script. Mistborn: Birthright is due in late 2013.


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