Microsoft Gives Us A Rundown of 10 of Their Biggest Windows Phone 7 Titles for 2012

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Nestled away in one of the back rooms of Microsoft’s Spring Showcase was the publisher’s latest array of Windows Phone 7 titles that are meant to encapsulate the masses in 2012.

In a similar vein to our recent Xbox Live Arcade developer round-up that we ran a few weeks back, we caught up with Microsoft’s WP7 Marketing Manager to get a tour of the 10 titles that the publisher are hoping demonstrates that the WP7 platform is the destination for gamers in 2012.

The ten titles range from much larger core experiences like Carcassonne, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Civ Rev and PES 2012 and extends to the much more casual experiences like Wordament, Gerbil Physics and Pinball FX 2. The more intensive experiences like Shoot 1UP, geoDefense Swarm and DoDonPachi Maximum just add to the previous 7 to show the platform’s wide diversity.

The ten titles – some of which are out now – were showcased to show the depth of Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 in 2012. The question remains though, do any of these take your fancy? Would the selection tempt you over to the Windows Phone 7 platform? Or is Microsoft lagging behind the competition?


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