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Max Payne 3's 'New York Minute' and 'Score Attack' Modes Exposed
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Rockstar has today revealed the first details of Max Payne 3's additional single-player modes that you can unlock upon completing the campaign. There are two types of Arcade Mode, including the 'Score Attack' which unlocks a new chapter to play once you've completed said chapter from the story mode. 'New York Minute' also makes a comeback from the first Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

In Score Attack, you'll accumulate points for accurately hitting your target and for killing enemies, with high scores awarding not only a load of XP and extra avatars like Raul Passos and Fabiana Branco for multiplayer, but also leaderboard bragging rights. You'll be wanting to strive for platinum rankings in each level for both Score Attack and New York Minute to acquire the largest rewards.

Fan favourite New York Minute is unlocked once you finish the story in its entirety, giving you the chance to jump into the game and simply enjoy pure, unadulterated gunplay with one minute on the clock. You can extend your time with each enemy that you kill, making for some intense and chaotic shootouts.

Max Payne 3 is out on May 15th in North America and May 18th in Europe. Keep your eyes peeled for our impending Max Payne 3 review.


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Comment #1 by Hump2death
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 11:38:39 AM
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I don't see this game being anything but being half-decent

Forum Posts: 45
Comment #2 by 123yhman
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 11:40:57 AM
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Looks awesome.

Forum Posts: 20707
Comment #3 by Barad
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 11:41:26 AM
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Your wrong, it's going to be pretty solid.

New York Minute will be fun fighting against the clock.

Forum Posts: 108
Comment #4 by Slayinfool
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 11:47:28 AM
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Solo modes, thats what I like to hear!

Anything Rockstar touches, tuns to gold.

Forum Posts: 61
Comment #5 by TheRetroAntonio
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 11:56:24 AM
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Rockstar always puts out an amazing game each year. I've had the special edition pre-ordered since January!

Forum Posts: 369
Comment #6 by Verdinial
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 12:03:38 PM
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I couldn't say a single bad thing about Rockstar. Every game they make, I play and absolutely love. Cannot wait :D

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #7 by willy boi
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 12:48:03 PM
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#1 is an idiot

Forum Posts: 319
Comment #8 by Kal_El
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 12:54:39 PM
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new york minute is gonna be fun..can you imagine barely passing a checkpoint times ahead :)

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #9 by RedFux
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 01:00:53 PM
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Score Attack actually sounds more interesting. haha

Forum Posts: 300
Comment #10 by Pakhair
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 01:18:16 PM
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I wish the difficulty is tone down a bit for Plats otherwise many few will enjoy it.

As I always say challenge difficulty should be reasonable rather then outright insane

Forum Posts: 161
Comment #11 by Rekker09172194
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 01:38:16 PM
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Does trolling feel good?

Forum Posts: 42
Comment #12 by Cargot35
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 01:48:38 PM
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So excited for this game!

Forum Posts: 145
Comment #13 by COV GREGS
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 02:07:41 PM
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BOOMSTICK!!!! Rockstar games.....A slice of fried gold.

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #14 by Twitching
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 02:24:24 PM
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Why do people always get downvoted for voicing their opinion?

Forum Posts: 402
Comment #15 by ademlakey
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 02:32:55 PM
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@14 Aparrently you're only supposed to post good things about games otherwise you're not allowed to post anything at all. God bless the freedom of speech and democracy.

Forum Posts: 291
Comment #16 by ViNyLek
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 03:38:01 PM
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Preordered and paid for. I just wish it won't make me sink days on end into it as I am looking forward to playing Diablo 3 as well=D

Forum Posts: 213
Comment #17 by lazygammer13
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 04:09:37 PM
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I normally HATE Time Attack modes, but I have a feeling that MP3's will be quite fun!

Forum Posts: 1596
Comment #18 by HalfEVILmonkey
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 05:21:58 PM
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Rockstar = No purchase. Ever.

Forum Posts: 469
Comment #19 by francisrossi
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 06:02:01 PM
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@11 - Doh!

Forum Posts: 566
Comment #20 by KuShNsTieN
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 06:34:02 PM
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@14 he voiced his opinion and others voiced theirs by thumbing him down

Forum Posts: 1068
Comment #21 by The Bum-Mobile
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 07:38:18 PM
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Four days...

Forum Posts: 552
Comment #22 by Hansathan
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 08:59:52 PM
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Hoping this game snaps me out of my gaming rut I've been in for weeks. Can't play anything for more than 15 minutes without gettin bored :/

Forum Posts: 159
Comment #23 by thisispreston
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 09:15:00 PM
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@22 its a Rockstar game, so chances are it will have you so hooked you'll be playing for 12hrs at a time!!

Forum Posts: 33
Comment #24 by Zmoke
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 09:17:37 PM
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@4: You're right but in this case Remedy had already created gold which Rockstar only polishes from dust, maybe shaping it for the better too.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #25 by MI6
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 01:16:04 AM
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just saying, they need to update the other 2 max payne games for the xbox 360 maybe call it Max Payne HD since thats what they call their other games they convert

Forum Posts: 252
Comment #26 by Kazenji
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 04:13:24 AM
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^ Wouldn't that be Remedy's job for Max Payne HD unless of course Remedy has sold off Max Payne altogether to Rockstar

Forum Posts: 499
Comment #27 by AirborneRichard
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 04:32:53 AM
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Can,t wait for this, i even got a renewed intrest again in playing MP in this one, and thats been awhile. To add something to above stuff, freedom of speech is a funny thing, ppl allowed to perform their oppinions but then again when it not suits others ppl oppinions they get downrated or even a series of bad comments back, if the first guy realy believes this is gonna turn out an average game thats his oppinion ;) I think otherwise but as with all things in life what one loves they other one hates.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #28 by x ItZ o HaRv x
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 04:29:21 PM
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Never played a Max Payne game before but this looks like a pretty good place to start.

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #29 by Anthony B
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 05:30:25 PM
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The flesh of fallen angels.

Forum Posts: 182
Comment #30 by PuttyGod
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 06:52:24 PM
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They had better include Dead Man Walking mode, like in MP2. That was genius. In many ways, it did Horde better than the actual Horde mode, and it felt like its own thing since the games were so much faster and death was always so close. And @29, I like the reference! "I think I died. I think I died. I think I'm dead, I DON'T KNOW!..... The FLESH of FALLEN ANGELS!" Valhalla baby.

Forum Posts: 182
Comment #31 by PuttyGod
Sunday, May 13, 2012 @ 12:13:07 AM
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and @28, no, this is really NOT the place to start, if you can help it. You'll thank me if you just go play the first two really quick before you try the third. Just about any PC with a graphics card can run them and they're on xbox too, if need be. I highly recommend them on PC, though.

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