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Far Cry 3 Console-Only Beta Catches Fire This Summer
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Ubisoft has today confirmed that Far Cry 3 will be getting a console-only beta that will run for two weeks, offering players access to multiplayer matches for up to 16 players, with six classes, a bunch of maps and a handful of modes to sample.

You'll also be able to take dozens of the game's weapons for a spin and fiddle with the variety of accompanying upgrades and customisation options.

If you want to get on board the Far Cry 3 beta, you'll need to pick up a copy of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from GameStop when it releases next week and be a PowerUp Rewards member to receive a redeemable beta code. Redeem the code on the GameStop site, and you'll get sent your beta invite once it goes live.

We imagine there'll be other avenues into taking part in the Far Cry 3 beta, ahead of the game's release this September. Check out our hands-on preview to find out more about Far Cry 3's multiplayer.

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Comment #1 by BEAST87
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:36:06 PM
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mehhh il be playing COD

Forum Posts: 1648
Comment #3 by JAW LV
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:42:11 PM
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@ 2- Fail mother f$&@?#%!

Forum Posts: 332
Comment #4 by JeppeBoy
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:42:46 PM
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Do I have to buy Ghost Recon?
Damnit, I actually got excited there.

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Comment #5 by stickvortex
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:48:17 PM
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i don't want ghost recon D: i just wanna try far cry 3... is that really too much to ask?

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #6 by MajorBrusselsXI
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:49:19 PM
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What happened to the Ghost Recon beta in the end? I know it came out recently, but how did you get it? When I got Splinter Cell Conviction it said the beta would come out in Summer 2010 or something!

Forum Posts: 195
Comment #7 by specularblinky
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:49:30 PM
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hopefully they will have this offer at eb games in australia aswell

Forum Posts: 198
Comment #8 by eXoTiC Zebes0
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:54:47 PM
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Ghost Recon... meh

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #9 by Jack Flak
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:57:51 PM
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@6 In the Conviction menu there was a scroll-across that said something like "GRFS beta available now press X to download". Then you had to DL it and access it from the dash. Sorry you missed it.

Forum Posts: 19
Comment #10 by wickedclowns95
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:58:00 PM
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@6 You played it off the Splinter Cell Conviction disc. I played it for a while and then I went back and played some more Splinter Cell instead. I wish we would have gotten more dlc for that game. I would have liked some substantial story dlc.

Forum Posts: 153
Comment #11 by Ginormous76
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 03:58:31 PM
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So, this beta is going to be very small.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #12 by ATOMICKILA3000
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:00:03 PM
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I really wasn't impressed by the GR:FS beta so I probably won't be buying it anytime soon. Kinda sad the only way you can get this beta is by buying GR.

Forum Posts: 20707
Comment #13 by Barad
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:00:59 PM
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Why is it the first 2 comments are always dicks.

Anyway ill be getting Ghost Recon and Far Cry 3 on their respective release dates without any hestitation or the need for a beta - Yerr.

Forum Posts: 304
Comment #14 by AgentOrange330
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:06:40 PM
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When I saw the title I said "Yay!". Then I read that I needed to buy Ghost Recon and I said "aw man...".

Forum Posts: 495
Comment #15 by Qavala
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:10:57 PM
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#2 would of been first but he took too long trying to find the $&@?#%! keys.

This should be good,I enjoyed the farcry 2 multiplayer...just took far far far too long to unlock things/rank up.

Forum Posts: 552
Comment #16 by Hansathan
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:19:38 PM
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Damnit, I want in on FC3 beta, but I am def not buying GRFS

Forum Posts: 755
Comment #17 by Hurricane Of 87
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:23:42 PM
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#12 This won't be the only way to get into the beta, the same way loads of people got into the GRFS beta without owning a copy of Conviction or Pre-ordering GRFS itself. People usually throw them out casually on Twitter and Gamespot were just giving Hybrid beta codes away.

Forum Posts: 20
Comment #18 by Masterchief950
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:41:56 PM
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First 2 should be banned from all websites, we don't need peeps like that

Forum Posts: 161
Comment #19 by Rekker09172194
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 04:51:47 PM
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Obvious troll is obvious.

Forum Posts: 741
Comment #20 by Axel Desade
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:10:34 PM
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Very disappointed that I have to get GR:FS for the beta :(. I tried the beta for FS and it's just not my thing. I guess I'll just wait the few more months until the actual game's out I guess.

Forum Posts: 186
Comment #21 by DeanBriggz
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:25:16 PM
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Argh, got excited for a second. I wasn't planning on buying Ghost Recon for a while.

Forum Posts: 893
Comment #22 by DaChiefOfOwnage
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:33:25 PM
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Pretty cool that they put Soap on the front cover.

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #23 by Latias_On_Vox
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:35:35 PM
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After the absolutely terrible life-draining multiplayer that was Far Cry 2's, I think I will pass on this one.

It's not that it was outright bad, but it was just terribly bland. Once you hit rank 19 and had all of the weapons unlocked, it took another 900 some-odd hours to reach level 30, with absolutely nothing happening in between.

The nail in the coffin was that in order to actually rank up, you needed to play the ranked maps instead of the much more spontaneous custom maps. According to the community, that meant endless matches on Last Bastion.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #24 by a dying animal
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:53:11 PM
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I wasn't going to buy this but could of been swayed by a demo. Shame they're attaching it to Ghost Recon as only the fan will get to play the demo limitign their sales.

Forum Posts: 60
Comment #25 by Wtfmissile
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:55:38 PM
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So FC2 tried to copy CoD4 back in the day and failed(though the map editor was pretty sweet for a console game) and now they want to try again? When will devs learn to stop trying to copy the biggest thing out there and make their own damn game.

Hope this doesn't influence the SP in any way because it looks good but as we know with FC2....

Forum Posts: 679
Comment #26 by WoodsMonk
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 05:59:36 PM
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If it's anything like the "closed" GRAW: FS beta there will be loads of different ways to get a code :P

Forum Posts: 717
Comment #27 by bob101910
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:14:30 PM
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@23 They did add some custom maps to ranked. If they allowed all custom maps in ranked then people would purposely make maps so their team would get a huge advantage.

Don't want GRAW, but can't wait for FC3

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #28 by quotrice
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:19:51 PM
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just more proof that some games cant sell without dangling free stuff like beta access in front of your face.

Forum Posts: 112
Comment #29 by Trendin
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:20:59 PM
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Well that was a buzzkill

Forum Posts: 2405
Comment #30 by Iceskater101
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:47:03 PM
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wow all I saw was Far Cry 3 beta!? and then I realized of course you have to buy another game that you don't really want and be a member of power rewards to earn the beta.
Nevermind then.

Forum Posts: 213
Comment #31 by lazygammer13
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:50:21 PM
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I don't get why everyone is hating on GRFS. I thought it looked like tons of fun!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #32 by EpicWinCentral
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 06:54:57 PM
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Can't Wait to play the Beta! but more importantly, i can't wait to play the game as well!

Forum Posts: 261
Comment #33 by IRA GUNNER AFC
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 07:21:30 PM
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ewwww GRFS

Forum Posts: 717
Comment #34 by bob101910
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 07:50:12 PM
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From offical FarCry twitter


@bob101910 Don't worry. This is only an initial announcement. There will be more opportunities for codes!"

Forum Posts: 210
Comment #35 by Frankie Godskin
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 08:02:23 PM
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So I can buy a new copy of Ghost Recon, redeem the code, and return the unopened game? Fine by me.

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #36 by Jack Flak
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 09:32:17 PM
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@31 "It looked like tons of fun".

That statement implies that you haven't even played the game, which automatically nullifies your argument.

Forum Posts: 4596
Comment #37 by WalterWhite
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 09:44:22 PM
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I thought a BETA was for stress-testing servers and existed to improve the overall final quality of a game before it shipped to retail, I guess that's something that has been redfined as a way to sell more pre-orders. Fucking joke.

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #38 by Aussie27Legend
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 11:08:20 PM
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Played this last month at a convention, was... good I guess, not anything too amazing. Will be looking forward to having a more in-depth look come the beta.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #39 by theTRUESTvine
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 03:21:24 AM
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Too bad I don't shop at Gamestop.

Such a rip off IMO.

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #40 by BADFELLA
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 04:20:23 AM
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sure we wil get beta codes emailed lik i did ghost recon

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #41 by ThePyroGuy x
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 10:12:10 AM
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Im glad that there's gonna be a beta with GR:FS 'coz I have already pre-ordered it but I just hope they do something good with it 'coz Farcry 2's multiplayer wasn't the best but it was still good, hope its a improvement 'coz it did look quite a bit like CoD but hopefully they find a way to differ from being the same

Forum Posts: 714
Comment #42 by Bajan Elite
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 11:00:11 AM
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Well seeing as I will be getting Ghost Recon I will be getting into this Beta. Looking forward to trying out that fire mode.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #43 by iBeLeet
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 11:42:11 AM
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Forum Posts: 5
Comment #44 by iBeLeet
Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 11:45:05 AM
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Sorry about that ^^^ anyway I can't wait for ghost recon and far cry! They are the main games I've been looking forward too! So having to have ghost recon for the beta is not a problem for me! :) still kinda a bad idea for them! They should just make it so if you preorder it then you get the beta code.

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