Judge Recommends Xbox 360 Import Ban in US

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The Xbox 360 faces the very real possibility of being banned in the US, following a judge’s recommendation.

Judge David Shaw advised the International Trade Commission that 4GB and 250GB Xbox 360 Slim consoles should not be allowed to enter the US because he believes they infringe on patents owned by Motorola.

The issue, which has already led to a court injunction banning the sale of the console in Germany, refers to the way the Xbox 360 decodes video content. Motorola claim they own the tech behind it.

In the addition to the recommendation, Judge David Shaw also says that Microsoft should post a bond of 7% of the value of unsold Xbox 360 inventory in the US.

Microsoft attempted to argue against the ban, saying that it would leave consumers with limited choice, but Shaw maintained that Motorola’s claim was more important and that Nintendo and Sony could service the gap.

The judge’s recommendations will now be reviewed by the International Trade Commission. Should the decision be upheld, there will be a 60 day period in which the order can be overturned by President Obama.

Come on Obama mate, you know what to do. Maybe you can go on Jimmy Fallon and slow jam the decision. Aww yeah.

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