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Ubisoft Outlines Watch Dogs' SmartGlass-esque Mobile Functionality

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Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay has let slip some tasty bits of info on the open world techno-thriller’s SmartGlass-esque functionality.

Watch Dogs was one of the most interesting titles revealed at E3. It follows Aidan Pearce, a hacker who can take control of security cameras and traffic lights and generally mess with the digital infrastructure of Chicago.

SmartGlass, meanwhile, was revealed by Microsoft during their E3 press conference. It’s a method of allowing various mobile devices and tablets to interact with the content you consume via your Xbox.

But while MS were working on the tech, it seems that Ubisoft were doing a similar thing in bringing mobile device functionality to Watch Dogs. But how will it work?

"I can't go into details,” said Guay, “but what we want to do is extend the game world, so it's the same game world. So if your friends are in Watch Dogs you're able to connect with them through the mobile.


"We want to have gameplay that's in the mobile, so you don't have to own the mobile - but if you want to do it, you're going to have specific gameplay that is connected to your progression and to your control of the city that you start building in the living room version, if you want.

"We also want you to be able to connect with your friends playing in their living room, and have gameplay together. We want to have both of those things."

"That's definitely stuff we want to do," he continued. "The plot is that every thing is connected and connection is power, so for us we're working really hard to mesh all the players of Watch Dogs together."

When asked about the similarities between SmartGlass and Ubisoft’s tech, Guay said, "It's a coincidence, but it's more than a coincidence because a lot of people now are using that type of interface, it's something that's really promising.

"So that's where it's a coincidence, but I think it's quite interesting that a lot of people have the same idea. That typically means that it's a good one! For us we're focusing on the content now, so that's going to work on whatever hardware is best for the content."

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