Free-to-Play TimeSplitters 4 a Possibility, Says Crytek

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Continuing this morning’s theme, Crytek has said that the next TimeSplitters game could be free-to-play. 

Company founder Cevat Yerli revealed that he loves the idea of the game running on its F2P platform, GFACE.

The approach fits with Crytek’s recent assertion that their future titles will adopt the model. It also offers an alternative route to market for a game Crytek aren’t convinced publishers are interested in.

"I wish we would develop it. We can't develop it the way Free Radical had started it before we acquired them," said Yerli.

"When we looked at it - and again, I love TimeSplitters, I'm a huge TimeSplitters fan particularly of the multiplayer part. I love the idea, I love the brand, I love everything - but the publishers don't. That's reality. And I don't want to spend our own money on the project in a retail business.

"So let me say it this way: I love the picture of a TimeSplitters running on GFACE," he teased. So if we get enough fans, being loud enough..."

Hmmm, I wonder if there’s anywhere you can do that?

[via Videogamer]


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