Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - A Behind the Scenes Look
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Like it or not, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is just around the corner and will be in our consoles next month. Whether or not you think its a cash in title doesn't matter cause this bad boy will have DMC in it which is always a great thing! Join DMC as he discusses his involvement in the game and how his relationship with Aerosmith came to fruition.


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Comment #1 by PA DA PIMP
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:14:23 PM
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Haha Run DMC is in this game.Good Stuff

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Comment #2 by bmb1020
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:15:05 PM
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i think im gonna get this guitar hero is ballin

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Comment #3 by PlanetGalida
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:15:08 PM
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Cool! I'm looking forward to... new songs. I'm confident this will be fun, but the ton of Aerosmith exposure might get tough at some point for gamers who aren't huge fans.

Aside: remember how Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x came out for the original Xbox with the chance to play the first two classic games again? I'd love to get an opportunity to play GH1, GH2, and GH rock the 80s on the 360 somehow in a next gen setting, with XBL options, etc.....

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Comment #4 by Denny Crane
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:22:37 PM
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guitar hero is gay

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Comment #5 by ElmoTrooperX
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:28:42 PM
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I was getting this game because it said guitar hero.
Im looking forward to this and maybe GH:AS will make me look into some old music like that guy hopes.

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Comment #6 by BootlegWarrior6
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:35:18 PM
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Aerosmith rocks! also looking forward to guitar hero: Metallica. :)

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Comment #7 by darwin628
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:36:13 PM
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new songs, all i want

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Comment #8 by Darklord Saige
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:39:07 PM
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Uhh....aerosmith?Nevermind...Ill keep my opinions to myself.

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Comment #9 by Honkymagoo
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 04:42:32 PM
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Guitar Hero started sucking with 3. Like I've said before, I am done with this series.

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Comment #10 by PHIN1SH
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:10:11 PM
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I love Aerosmith and Guitar Hero so i will be getting this without a doubt

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Comment #11 by WAHsu
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:11:46 PM
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There is no reason to make a separate retail game for each band. This could have been packaged and released as DLC for GH3. Now we will see a flood of GH [insert band name here] titles.

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Comment #12 by Screwface89
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:15:51 PM
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I agree with WAHsu. The same thing happened a few years back on the last gen consoles with a football game (can't remember the name sorry) there was around 30 different versions of the game. its just ludicrous to think about so many different GH being in the shops (suppose it would be heaven for some).

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Comment #13 by jacob456
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:17:59 PM
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Do you like anything? In the GoW movie news you didn't say anything positive either. Do you just hate everything?
Anyway.... this is just going to be GH3 with more songs, so, good stuff.

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Comment #14 by oldirtysatan
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:43:47 PM
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I can't wait for the guitar hero movie!

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Comment #15 by 5oldier
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 05:58:38 PM
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Aerosmith is gay but i heard there making a Guitar Hero: Metallica, that would be awesome. I don't really like playing guitar anymore though, just the drums

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Comment #16 by Christopher123
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 06:56:39 PM
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Eh i kinda like Aerosmith.

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Comment #17 by punkneverdies94
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 06:58:32 PM
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this is INSANE i already pre ordered it

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Comment #18 by SharpXXShooter
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 07:38:58 PM
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I was very upset when they said they were coming out with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, for obvious marketing reason I thought it was going to flop. I've never really like Aerosmith but the more and more I see of this game, the more and more I WANT IT. lol Huge Guiter Hero fan and this looks great.

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Comment #19 by Matthias42
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 08:06:56 PM
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Well, the Guitar Hero: Bands Name Here, the idea isn't a bad one, bands get a new venue to put their songs out in, a new way to reach a younger download crazed generation who selling a CD to is nearly impossible. Bottom line is, to make a game of this volume DLC for GH3 lets just say each song is about $1.50, and there are 41 songs, that's $61.50. Not counting new guitar and character skins which would say lets run another $15 (that's running it cheap). Making it $76.50 for the person who wants it all to download it all. So why don't you complain one more time about this not being DLC.

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Comment #20 by Parkerktm
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 09:12:12 PM
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Good song, won't be buying this but i'll rent it and borrow my friends guitar.

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Comment #21 by chuck m
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 09:22:19 PM
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I don't understand why everybody wants to complain about new games. If you don't like it don't buy it. If there is no market for these games they will cease to exist. I personally welcome any new content for any of the music/rythm games. Even if they sunk as low as GH:Backstreet Boys I would still buy it.

Forum Posts: 132
Comment #22 by AlphaDog Deluxe
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 10:45:34 PM
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Comment #23 by Jmashed
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 11:09:00 PM
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I HATE THIS GAME but I love it so.....Can't wait till it arrives in stores, I'll be picking it up on release.

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Comment #24 by Brakelessss
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 11:54:00 PM
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had mine preorder for a couple of months

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Comment #25 by barnesB0mb
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 05:34:27 AM
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not long now
any GH game is a good game
im getting this next friday

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Comment #26 by totalgridlock
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 06:21:09 AM
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I am a *huge* Aerosmith fan... but even I'm not sure whether a game based on a single band is a good idea.

Forum Posts: 749
Comment #27 by Cheezbrgr
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 08:07:04 AM
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Comment #28 by Bishop24
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 08:23:58 AM
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Run DMC is in the game cause they did a cover of the Aerosmith song "Walk this Way".

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Comment #29 by XxWALSHYxX
Wednesday, July 02, 2008 @ 06:26:49 AM
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a few ppl hav said that making heaps of titles of the same game will get old... but the thing with guitar hero is, it's different as ppl want new songs which is y ppl buy the new versions.

i'm really looking forawrd 2 this game and i just found out about GH: metallica that sounds awesome. i'm pretty stoked 2 get my hands on these games in the future.

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Comment #30 by Duke Metal91
Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 01:22:11 PM
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worst guitar hero ever but still ok. i guess...

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