E3 2008: Bungie Announcement Delayed By Publisher

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It's with a heavy heart as I'm reporting this piece of news to you. Just a little bit ago, we received word that the highly anticipated announcement from Bungie has been delayed by the publisher. Fans were teased over the past couple days at with countdowns and other clues that an announcement was coming on Wednesday at E3. That all ended when Harold Ryan, President of Bungie LLC, posted this message on Bungie's website.

As we all know, Microsoft and Bungie split ways over the past year, but ties are still extremely strong between the two, and there were stipulations within the split. So apparently Microsoft are the ones behind the delay of the announcement, it would seem. According to Bungie, they'll reveal the big announcement when the time is right, but after all this speculation and hype, it's a real shame that they're letting all of their fans down. Hopefully we'll find out more at one of the other big expositions coming up, and when we find out, you guys will be the first to know.


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