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New Tomb Raider Screens Get Dirty
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A bunch of new screenshots from Lara's rebooted foray into caves and (presumably) a few tombs have emerged online, showing the latest Tomb Raider looking in fine shape, with some eye-catching dark and rainy images.

There's Lara on a zipline, Lara going stealthy with her bow, Lara with a wolf gnawing on her leg, Lara hiding and Lara doing a bunch of other stuff. There's even Lara looking at bags of hanging offal. Nice.

Check out a few of the shots below, then head into the gallery to see all 12. Tomb Raider is out on March 5th, 2013.

[Via AGB]


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Comment #1 by Conquisidor
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:01:06 PM
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Sorry Lara farcry beat you to it. And the guy can swim.

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #2 by Alvarez Azel
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:01:11 PM
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I really hope this game turns out to be something special, it looks good so far but I get the feeling it consists of a lot of QTE's.
Hopefully thats just me and the game a little more involved than that.

Forum Posts: 3573
Comment #3 by Shiftie
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:02:39 PM
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She's far more attractive than the last Lara Croft, and so is the rest of the game. I think this may be the first Tomb Raider I actually buy.

Forum Posts: 813
Comment #4 by XxStuartxX 1990
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:03:02 PM
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ATM there are three games I'm looking forward to next year, Bioshock, GTA V and this absolute masterpiece.

I read somewhere that this is going to have a 15-20 hour campaign, the things developers can achieve with time and not been forced to add MP.

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #5 by eLZy85
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:04:34 PM
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Definitely excited to check this one out. Hopefully I will become a fan again.

Forum Posts: 47
Comment #6 by Uberpok3
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:16:31 PM
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I'm looking forward to it. But I'll probably play the older games first. I NEVER played ANY Tomb Raider game. Ok, I played a little on my Saturn when I was 9 years old.

Forum Posts: 64
Comment #7 by MattPayne
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:21:02 PM
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I wonder if they'll have a naked Lara cheat

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #8 by Conquisidor
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:22:36 PM
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this absolute masterpiece.

played it then have you?

Forum Posts: 291
Comment #9 by ViNyLek
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:25:35 PM
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Man, this game looks great on PC! Still not too happy about whole reboot thing, but I guess if it works well, why not=) Like someone else said hopegully it won't be full of QTE as I hate those....

Forum Posts: 26
Comment #10 by Wing X Custom
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 01:42:23 PM
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Shes like a sexy Bear Grylls, only with breasts.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #11 by tananset
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 02:27:31 PM
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time for some more stealth with no casualty!

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #12 by RodMex2894
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 02:32:27 PM
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Looks really good!!! Definetly day one for me, I've been looking fordward for this game since June I think.

Forum Posts: 191
Comment #13 by ash356
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 02:35:36 PM
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I would take that with a pinch of salt. '15-20 hours' from a developer often isn't what a normal gamer would call '15-20 hours'.
Case and point; Duke Nukem forever. Developer claims it takes '16-18' hours. Completable in 7.
OT: Game looks good, although I'm gonna check the reviews first... not sure the new 'gritty lara' would be to my taste. The old games had a sort of charm in their simplicity... this could change that.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #14 by BlastTyrant419
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 09:09:09 PM
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I've been a fan of the series since part one came out...I had it on the PS1 and loved it! Also, all, well, MOST of the sequels were just as good. Even the more recent Anniversary and Guardians Of Light proved to be lots of fun and still kept the spirit. I think that in the age of remakes and reboots, this is a series that never got the true acknowledgement it deserved a s a powerhouse. I've never had an issue with QTE's or anything like that. And lots of games nowadays rely on that sort of thing anyways, and it's just become one of the new things in modern gaming. It's everywhere. Hell, God Of War was ALL QTE's and look how popular that turned out to be. Tomb Raider is, and has always been great, and I am super excited to get my hands on this game. Plus it's Square Enix?!?!?! Anybody NOT excited about this is a maniac.

Forum Posts: 125
Comment #15 by FallenNow
Monday, December 03, 2012 @ 10:13:53 PM
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I'm excited for this game! Can't wait til March 5th!

Forum Posts: 188
Comment #16 by lifetimegamer
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 @ 05:48:37 AM
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Meh, looks alright..... just kiddin', I can't wait! :D

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