E3 2008: Themes Will Be Compatible With New Dashboard

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One of the biggest questions pertaining to the new Dashboard update is whether or not themes and gamerpics will be able to be carried over to the new look.  Avatars seem to be taking the place of gamerpics, although they could possibly play a role on the blade system of the Guide button, only time will tell.  However, we did get word from Gamerscoreblog that it has been confirmed that all existing themes will be able to be used on the new Xbox Dashboard.  Pictures are included in the link as well, so you'll be able to see for yourself what it should look like.  That's certainly good news, and it makes the Dashboard look a lot better than the plain color on the whole thing.  More details should emerge over the next couple months before the update launches, and we'll be sure to bring you every possible detail as soon as we get word.


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