Medieval RPG Developer Warhorse Responds to 'Next-Gen' Claims

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Yesterday saw the emergence of an interesting tech demo of a new medieval RPG supposedly heading for next-generation consoles. A possible glimpse of the next-gen we thought, from Mafia's Daniel Vavra and his small, 24 person operation, Czech developer Warhorse Studios.

However, Vavra has revealed that the video, which to his surprise garnered an "unexpected" number of views for the tech demo that was running on a two-year old laptop with a mobile GeForce 555M. The depicted environment was from the game, but Vavra has nonetheless shed some light on the whole thing on the developer's blog, as Warhorse is "fine-tuning" something more suitable for wowing "potential partners" to publish the game.

"Our goal, then, was not to show how our game looks just now - for that we'd have shown something quite different (we certainly have plenty to choose from) and instead of the editor we'd have shown the actual game and not just the graphics taken out of context, because the game is now playable, has a GUI, animations and the foundations of all the main playing mechanisms. But we don't want to show it yet, because it would be very premature," Vavra explained.

"We're not looking for development money (for now) and so it wouldn't be too smart to shoot off all our ammo prematurely (and lose the moment of surprise of presenting something new)," he continued. "If things go the way we imagine them then we can maybe announce our game in the first half of next year. Maybe."

Powered by CryEngine 3, development on the as yet unnamed medieval RPG commenced in August 2011, with RPG mechanics coming together with mo-capped swordfighting, and forsooth, some lofty Shakespearean voice-acting being recorded, while the story is still being fleshed out with the consultation of historians and what not.

"So right now we're fine-tuning our prototype, which we're planning to show very soon to our potential partners. At that moment, our future will be decided upon, and the future of our/your game will depend on the results of these presentations," Vavra stated.

Warhorse Studios' medieval RPG is confirmed to be coming to next-generation consoles. You can view the tech demo again below.

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