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Community Games Need Regulating, warns Ex-XNA member

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David Weller, an ex-XNA Community Manager, has warned that unless Microsoft regulates the new Community Games channel, it is in danger of being flooded by poor quality titles.

This is in response to the company's "deliberate" steps in refusing to even talk about the issue.

Speaking on his blog, Weller calls for more steps to be taken in order to help consumers know which of the games are actually worth playing.

"Being an ex-XNA member, I can still say, without a shadow of doubt, that Microsoft is offering a groundbreaking game channel, and that some people stand a chance to make great money from the system."

"But the danger for consumers lies in Microsoft's deliberate steps to avoid discussions regarding game quality, even during peer review. I firmly believe that avoiding commentary/ratings on game quality will result in frustrated consumers, who will have no way to discern the quality of a game among (ultimately) thousands."

"I think the upcoming plethora of games on the Community Games pipeline will only create more consumer confusion without them having a reliable guide."

As part of the 'major overhaul' of Xbox Live coming in the fall, the Community Games channel will allow user-generated games to be put up for sale, much like the current XBL arcade titles. These games are created using the XNA development kit released by Microsoft. 


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