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Sniper Elite V2 Game of the Year Edition Trailer Goes Ballistic
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Rebellion has released a new trailer detailing the contents of Sniper Elite V2’s Game of the Year Edition.

As well as the full game, the GOTY Edition also brings five additional DLC packs, including the missions Assassinate the Fuhrer, Neudorf Outpost and Saint Pierre. There’s also a multiplayer expansion with six new maps in there and 10 new weapons.

I’ve never played Sniper Elite V2, but have suddenly developed a desire to shoot dudes through the legs in super slow motion while watching their femurs shatter. Looks fun!*

*I’m not sure there’s too many jobs in the world where I could type that and not get sacked/whisked off for psychological analysis.


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Comment #1 by Roose91
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 05:50:16 AM
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Just a shame they aren't releasing the Nazi Zombie Army expansion on XBLA.

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Comment #2 by O0mix0O
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 05:51:49 AM
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I was looking at picking this up a few days ago, glad I waited!

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Comment #3 by BUZZARDIO 1080
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 05:55:27 AM
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@1 awsome game for anyone who hasnt played it yet, just a shame we dont get the zombie army like @1 says.

Forum Posts: 129
Comment #4 by Earth Djinn
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 06:02:34 AM
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I'm still hoping we get the Zombie expansion, and will immediately buy it if we do.

Forum Posts: 686
Comment #5 by Stormy2k
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 06:06:21 AM
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An awesome game.

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Comment #6 by fishzy
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 06:43:55 AM
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nazi zombies where have I heard it before......hmm........where.......

Forum Posts: 172
Comment #7 by Hottub Cowboy
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 07:07:21 AM
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I think its out on Steam. I recall seeing an ad for it there.

Forum Posts: 1212
Comment #8 by ZedChuva
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 07:33:39 AM
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Good to see some love for this underrated game. If I didn't already have the game and all the DLC, I'd grab this for sure.

Nazi Zombies eh? Would be cool... unless it's like CoD Zombies, then, no thanks.

Forum Posts: 3223
Comment #9 by DecadentBeaver
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 07:43:49 AM
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I was thinking of getting this, is it really that good? As long as the campaign is longer than Spec Ops and Homefront.

Forum Posts: 605
Comment #10 by pauly_27
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 08:22:33 AM
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Loved the demo. Been waiting for it to go down in price for ages, but it seems to be keeping it's price in shops and online.

Anyway, I'll probably get this version now. Gotta love GOTY re-releases.

Forum Posts: 75
Comment #11 by ADZBOW
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 08:51:02 AM
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A brilliant game that i regret trading in. Will pick up the GOTY version

Forum Posts: 175
Comment #12 by Roose91
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 09:20:40 AM
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To those who think my comment was a joke/the guy who downvoted me earlier, Sniper Elite V2 Nazi Zombie Army is a thing, not just some crap joke i've made about over-saturation of zombies in modern shooters. I've not played it as it's only on Steam and I only really ever play the Total War games and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on PC but it looks pretty good and seems to be a kind of mission based horde/wave mode type affair with several different enemy types and some new weapons including a shotgun. Again, it's a shame it's not coming to XBLA/included in this edition.

Forum Posts: 377
Comment #13 by BosmaniaK
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 09:39:37 AM
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game of the year?!
game was a bit fun but man...

guess nowadays everyone can slap GotY on the cover if some insignificant person says it's goty

Forum Posts: 124
Comment #14 by PnPTheDealer
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 10:57:25 AM
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LoL I actually picked this up in one of Blockbusters closing down sales the other day because I fancied a nice quiet running around sniping game. I've been playing through it on my own on easy for a giggle and it really is a guilty pleasure getting those xray kills. I'm looking forward to finishing it and then going back to play on a higher difficulty. Even the collectibles are a bit of a giggle. Gold bricks are a bit rubbish but there are wine bottles placed about the map in silly but obvious places where you have to shoot them which is fun. It really is just a fun little game to play so long as you don't take it seriously.

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #15 by thenewpeter
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 11:26:18 AM
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This game shouldn't get a game of the year edition :/ even if it's a hidden gem game, which some commenters seem to think by the looks, a game of the year, means it was the best game of its release year. I very highly doubt this was a game of the year game.

Forum Posts: 562
Comment #16 by gravelandx88
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 11:35:52 AM
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Man, I hope Rebellion adds the Nazi Zombie Army co-op dlc. I saw a gameplay video of it on Youtube and thought it looked awesome!

Forum Posts: 1431
Comment #17 by Jardinho
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 03:25:42 PM
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Anyone else read BALListic when they saw the word "fuhrer"?

Forum Posts: 30
Comment #18 by crunchb3rry
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 03:50:18 PM
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Game of the year? What year? Which planet?

Forum Posts: 624
Comment #19 by KutleryKing
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 10:29:53 PM
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Just so you guys know, the Nazi Zombie portion is STANDALONE. It's NOT DLC. IF it ever comes to consoles it will be a separate game altogether.

And it's great fun, 6-7 long missions where you take out zombies. What's not to love?

Forum Posts: 182
Comment #20 by PuttyGod
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 11:12:50 PM
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Hahahaha Game of the Year? It was fun, but let's not get silly, here. Plus I'm mad that I have to wait until I get my new PC once the new GPUs are out in order to play Nazi Zombies.

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #21 by davhuit
Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 12:32:30 AM
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@13 : GOTY now just mean "Game + DLC", it should rather be called "Complete Version" but "GOTY" sounds better for ads.

Forum Posts: 130
Comment #23 by wesbranscum
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 07:26:34 AM
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i actually really like this gaem, i wish the dlc had cheevos

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