Next-Gen Thief Details Revealed: Plot, Gameplay, Mechanics, Tools

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Following yesterday's reveal of Eidos Montreal's next-gen Thief title, known simply as Thief and not Thief 4 as we initially thought, there's a whole bunch of fresh details that have been extracted from Game Informer's big reveal, due to arrive on newsstands with the April issue.

Firstly, there's the obvious stuff. Thief marks a comeback for the first-person stealth series with the return of pilfering hero Garrett, who finds himself back in his old hometown after a long absence. Garrett finds that the City's prosperity is in steep decline as the nefarious Baron rules over the people with an iron fist, keeping its citizens compliant under military watch.

The Elite are still free to prosper, while the rest of the City's society succumbs to plague and poverty. Garrett sees this whole thing as a the perfect opportunity to make some money, enjoying the thrill of stealing items that others can't or dare not.

Garrett has a range of tools at his disposal, from the basic ability to throw bottles to distract enemies, hiding, climbing, lockpicking and of course, nicking stuff. He also has a Focus ability to solve puzzles and uncover secrets, as well as boost his combat abilities. In the demo, he uses Focus to brutally subdue one of the Baron's guards and locate their attack areas.

Guards are pretty smart too, and as Garrett isn't much of a fighter, combat encounters against four or more guards often won't pan out too well. They'll actively seek Garrett out when he hides, and they have a detailed knowledge of the City and its level design.

Thief will boast multiple paths through its missions, with a range of entrances and exits, and the Focus ability will highlight useful interactive objects that you can climb and slow time while Garrett goes to pickpocket enemies, enabling him to swipe up to three times more booty. Fingerprints show players which drawers are worth looking into and every drawer can be accessed.

Garrett can spend money on upgrading his equipment at the end of each mission and he can decorate his hideout with various artifacts he'll discover. Garrett can utilise other tools too, including the Blackjack that can be used to sneakily knock out unaware guards, the bow for firing arrows to distract or kill, specialised arrows such as dry-ice for extinguishing flames and smoke arrows for getaways. Garrett also has a Claw he can use to grapple certain points.

Thief is due to launch on next-generation consoles in 2014. You can check out leaked in-game images via this here link and read more about Thief in issue 240 of Game Informer.

[Via Game Informer Mobile App]


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Eidos Montreal
Square Enix


US February 25, 2014
Europe February 28, 2014

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