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X360A Review: Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC

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BioWare’s latest piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC marks the end of an era, the end of a franchise that’s been with us for the best part of this console generation. We’ve made hard decisions, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve mulled over choices and taken sides, but with the Citadel DLC, it’s all coming to an end. And in many respects, BioWare’s last piece of Mass Effect DLC is the perfect swansong to go out on.

Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC sees Shepard dock the Normandy into the Citadel for maintenance, meaning he and the crew can take a little shore leave and get some downtime amidst the galactic madness. Things are never straightforward for Shepard and co. though, and the Normandy posse are thrust into an assassination plot revolving around the main man himself. It’s a storyline that is rather entertaining, has a few twists, but unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of those true heartstring-pulling decisions that the franchise is known for. Nevertheless though, it’s an enjoyable 5-hour romp chock full of nostalgia and some actual laugh out loud moments.

The pull for the Citadel DLC though is neither the story nor the frenetic combat, it’s the fan service. It’s a piece of DLC that effectively allows you to get the band back together for one last hurrah – provided they aren’t dead, of course. I will say though, that yes you can access this piece of content after the Priority: Citadel II mission, but I’d wait until you’ve met all your old squad mates before starting it. I had to do the DLC without Tali, Miranda, Jacob and Samara because my save was before I’d met them, which was disappointing. You’ve been warned! If you trigger it late enough – before the final assault, of course – you and the band will be back together for one more song, a song that has the group’s banter and camaraderie at the forefront. In some respects, it’s the ending that many Mass Effect players wanted from the trilogy.

Weighing in just shy of an incredible 4GB, there’s a plethora of content to sink your teeth into. After finishing the DLC’s storyline, players are then free to explore the Silversun Strip as they see fit, a part of the Citadel that houses a casino, an arcade, a combat arena, Andersen’s apartment – which becomes Shepard’s corner of the Citadel – and amidst all of that, there’s some nice little touches that BioWare has sought to deliver to fans with the franchise’s final piece of DLC – including a gathering between Shepard and his closest companions, the rekindling of romances and a touching moment revolving around Thane. Heck, you can even furnish Shepard’s apartment, listen to ANN interviews with Andersen and listen to some of his memoirs. There really is a lot in here for fans of the franchise.

From an achievement perspective, there’s the usual story-based achievements and then some based in and around the Citadel after you’ve finished – mostly tied to the combat arena, which is a hell of a lot more intriguing than the Pinnacle Station combat arena was in Mass Effect 1's DLC! It’s a fairly simple 250 points, but definitely an enjoyable one.

Players looking for the cast of Mass Effect to go out with a bang – not the literal kind, of course – finally have that prayer answered. Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC is the best piece of DLC that BioWare has made when it comes to fan service, and although it doesn’t have those tantalising moments in terms of choices – although the story is enjoyable – it’s a piece of DLC that any person with even a slight like for Mass Effect and its wacky cast of characters would be a fool to miss.


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