Star Wars: First Assault Pops Up Again, Possible Battlefront III 'Predecessor' Says Source

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Back in October last year, Star Wars: First Assault cropped up online as a mysterious, unannounced Xbox Live Arcade title apparently in development at LucasArts. Today, it's surfaced once again, with a few more salient details about the game.

According to an anonymous source, Star Wars: First Assault is a downloadable multiplayer shooter that supports up to 16 players. Purported to be lined up for release this spring, the game reportedly pitted an eight-person team of Rebels against an eight-person team of Imperial Stormtroopers in iconic Star Wars locations like Tattooine and Bespin.

A person said to be familiar with the project also reckons that Star Wars: First Assault is potentially 'step zero' towards the oft-rumoured Star Wars: Battlefront III. It's rumoured that should Star Wars: First Assault see release and sell well enough on XBLA, it could pave the way for Battlefront III.

However, it's not currently clear what exactly the deal is with Star Wars: First Assault. Like Star Wars 1313, the status of the game is subject to speculation and hearsay, with LucasArts reluctant to lend any concrete details on either game. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see, and take a look at the two leaked Star Wars: First Assault screenshots below.

[Via Kotaku]


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