NUIA eyeCharm Enables Kinect to "Read Your Mind" With Eye-Tracking Tech

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Do you sometimes wish you could use Kinect with just your eyes? Well, soon that lofty sci-fi dream might just become reality thanks to the NUIA eyeCharm for Microsoft's motion-sensor device. Apparently, the technology will enable you to select items simply by looking at them, as well as enabling you to control games or seamlessly scroll through your web browser using your eyes.

"It feels like the computer is reading your mind once you use it," reads the eyeCharm press release. "You will never want to miss it again."

Normally, this kind of eye-tracking gubbins utilises pricey Infrared (IR) technology, but "with a little twist" the NUIA eyeCharm with Kinect can be transformed into an eye tracker device. Essentially, it's a clip-on extra for Kinect that's mounted over the front of the device to grant it eye-tracking capabilities.

A Kickstarter for the NUIA eyeCharm is up and running, with a target of $100,000. You can find out more about it below, and if you fancy backing it, you can head to the NUIA eyeCharm Kickstarter page here.


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