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Next Week's Rock Band Tracks Are Kool & the Gang
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Next week you can "Shout" and let it all out or just get down with Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie". Or you can enjoy some Shinedown with their ditty "Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay)".

It's another selection of tracks taken from XBLA title Rock Band Blitz, with "Jungle Boogie" getting an optional Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade to boot.

Three single tracks is your lot this week. Check 'em out below:

Single Tracks - 160 Microsoft Points each. X = 80 Microsoft Points per track for a Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade O= support for keyboards

  • Kool & the Gang – “Jungle Boogie” O X
  • Shinedown – “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)” O
  • Tears for Fears – “Shout” O

(All tracks are original master recordings)

Look out for them on the Xbox Live Marketplace from March 19th.



User Comments

Forum Posts: 262
Comment #1 by ShinobiSteve81
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 11:28:47 AM
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Totally grabbing JB an Shout at some point. Glad good songs are dropping as the end is nigh.

Forum Posts: 336
Comment #2 by Poisonheadcrab
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 11:49:02 AM
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This concludes the blitz releases. All of its tracks are now in the game as singles DLC. That also means only two weeks of DLC left!

Forum Posts: 215
Comment #3 by TH3 XB0X G3N1U5
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 12:03:30 PM
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So, this is it for Blitz songs then? Finally. Now let's have us a good 2 weeks HMX. Let's go out with a bang!

Forum Posts: 58
Comment #4 by Original
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 01:21:29 PM
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Please for the love god, include something progressive within the next two weeks.

Forum Posts: 509
Comment #5 by ConfederateSuga
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 01:37:59 PM
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I know for a fact that Don McLeans American Pie is coming soon. Thatll probably be my last buy.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #6 by Jornny Ramone
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 01:58:14 PM
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I pity those (Rockband fans) who didn't pick up Blitz. It's a brilliant game, and even more fun with your dlc library. Shame RB3 songs didn't work on it, but yeah, it's gonna be a sad day when the weekly dlc ends. Let's end on a high note (see what I did there?)!! ;)

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #7 by Wolf825
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 02:35:26 PM
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@5: Source?

Forum Posts: 509
Comment #8 by ConfederateSuga
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 04:04:39 PM
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@7 My games marketplace glitched yesterday and I saw it on there lol. Was -1MSP so I couldnt buy it. I also saw a Chevelle track pack.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #9 by IamNotReaI
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 04:40:25 PM
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@8 - I hope you're not making stuff up, because I've been waiting for a Chevelle pack since the beginning!

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #10 by Rob1610
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 06:48:58 PM
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O_O Diamond Eyes! Must get!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #11 by Blaqkaudio64
Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 10:56:07 PM
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@8 - You better not be lying. If that song does come out, I will be so happy even though it's one of the last dlc's.

Forum Posts: 509
Comment #12 by ConfederateSuga
Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 03:10:04 AM
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@9 and 11 - Hold me to it. I know Red was one of the Chevelle songs too =)

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #13 by wyliecoyote1973
Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 04:35:45 AM
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With so little time left I hope they don't just release the last lot of DLC with just 3songs! There needs to be loads as a proper farewell .

Forum Posts: 178
Comment #14 by Fullbrook
Sunday, March 17, 2013 @ 04:54:00 AM
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@12 I really hope you are right, with the Chevelle at least. I'll buy American Pie if it's the last song, it's a great song, but was kinda hoping for something that hasn't been in other games for the last one.. oh well

Forum Posts: 146
Comment #15 by agentnnc
Sunday, March 17, 2013 @ 03:28:40 PM
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@#1, These songs are all re-releases. Blitz dropped with these songs and much more last august. Anyone who bought Blitz from XBLA has been seeing new songs only every other week since December.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #16 by Neomalysys
Sunday, March 17, 2013 @ 10:07:45 PM
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I swear they're going to reveal Rock Band 4 or Led Zeppelin sometime this summer for a holiday next gen release. Could be a good reason for stopping dlc if they are working on a next gen release.

Forum Posts: 629
Comment #17 by Vivi
Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 02:50:52 AM
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They should release a crap ton of songs on the last week. Here's hoping.

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