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Batman: Arkham Origins Info Explosion [Updated]

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Further details on Batman: Arkham Origins have emerged online via Game Informer magazine, revealing a whole bunch of info on WB Montreal’s upcoming street thug face smasher. Here's the most interesting bits.

A prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Origins takes place on Christmas Eve early in Batman’s career and is inspired by the seminal graphic novel Batman: Year One and comic book series Legends of the Dark Knight. 

Accordingly, the setting for the game, Gotham, is blanketed in snow and decorated with Christmas lights. And because this is a prequel, the Amusement Mile is not yet flooded and Old Gotham is not yet a prison.

Indeed, the game’s world also contains New Gotham, effectively doubling the size of Arkham CIty’s world. And because it’s so big, you can use the Batwing as a form of fast travel.

In the game Batman is being hunted after the Black Mask places a bounty on his head. Arriving in search of riches, supervillains from all over DC’s universe flood into Gotham to kill the Dark Knight and claim their reward. Deathstroke and Penguin are confirmed.

This isn’t the Batman we know from previous games. Instead he’s younger, a little rougher, a little less well-trained and prone to stepping over the line. It’s his job to work out exactly why the Black Mask is after him, while proving to the Gotham CIty Police Department that he’s on their side.

Apparently, WB Montreal are sticking true to the notion of Batman as a detective, citing the ace BBC series Sherlock as an inspiration. As such, the Dark Knight can use his first-person detective vision to track bullet paths, use holograms to act out theories and scans points of interest.

Apparently, as he does this Batman mutters ideas to himself.

Furthermore, players can also go to the Batcave and use the Batcomputer to run simulations and view them from multiple angles, or in slow motion, with the ability to pause or just try out new ideas. The ideas is that Batman uses these simulations in order to find further clues.

Gameplay-wise, the combat remains essentially the same, except with a few new tactics and opportunities folded in, to combat new enemy types. Similarly, gliding, ledge takedowns, sleeper holds and upside down strikes return.

There is some new stuff, however. For example, there’s a new gadget, the Remote Claw. This allows batman to target two objects and then pull them together. So players can bash objects and thugs together or just crash two thugs together in order to knock them out.

You can also do things like tie explosive barrels to perches, lure in enemies and then cut the rope from a distance with your Batarang, dropping the barrel and blowing up the bad dudes.

As far as the structure of the game is concerned, the city opens up as Batman dismantles a network of hacked towers. Each tower emits a signal that prevents the Batwing from gaining access and stops points of interest from being highlighted. Think Far Cry 3’s towers and you’re not far off.

Outside of the main campaign, there are a number of activities players can engage in.

There’s Crime in Progress events, which are dynamic and charge Batman with saving policemen from thugs and the like. You’ll encounter these events randomly as you explore the world.

There’s also a Most Wanted system, which provides Batman with a list of bad dudes to pursue. And beyond that, there’s also a Dark Knight system, which while not tutorials, train players to improve their combat and stealth for XP and upgrade rewards. 

The Dark Knight system exists alongside a Challenge mode, which will apparently return in some form.

So, what do you reckon? We’re still a little concerned about Rocksteady handing the reigns over to WB Montreal, but based on what we’ve heard so far, the signs are good. Roll on October 25th!

[Game Informer has requested that we remove the images. Don't worry, we'll have the proper high def versions soon]


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