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Final Fantasy XV Will Have Multiple Follow-Ups, Possibly Released as Episodic Content

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Final Fantasy XV will spawn multiple follow ups, possibly in the form of episodic releases.

That’s according to Director Tetsuya Nomura, who has been discussing the development and the future of the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

“In the [FFXV] trailer, there was a line that read ‘A World of the Versus Epic,’ which suggests that it will be part of an epic. While Final Fantasy XV will have one climax, as a story, we plan to continue it further,” Nomura told Famitsu (translated by Siliconera).

It’s how the developer intends to deliver the rest of this story that is most interesting, however, as Nomura hints at the possibility of episodic, digital releases.

“As for as how it will be released, we’ll announce that later on; however, having you wait a long while for a next title isn’t something we would desire… Also, we’ve been exploring online compatibilities ever since the shift towards the next-generation hardware was decided.”

Nomura continued, “There are many possibilities. To develop a big title for next-gen consoles, the development costs and time increases significantly, along with its entire scale. When it comes to offline games, even titles that have been in development for years can easily be played out in a short period of time. 

“In order to increase the span of play time, I believe that online features are definitely required. Also, in order to keep the story and anticipation going, I believe that such features are needed, so we’re currently exploring possibilities.”

Of course, Nomura could be referring to some kind of multiplayer content, but we’d rather speculate that he’s considering going the episodic route. After all, Square Enix won’t want to step on the toes of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, its PS3 and PC MMO.

Beyond this, the FF director also apologised to the fans for the long wait for FFXV, which has been in development in different forms for many years.

“I deeply apologize for having you wait for so long,” he said. ‘I hope that our latest announcement has been able to meet all of your expectations.

“From this point on, the quality will only be getting better. There are many of you who feel that Japanese developers have fallen behind those from the West in the current generation. I believe that this title will show you otherwise for the next generation.”

Final Fantasy XV was announced at E3 2013 earlier this week. It's coming to Xbox One. Watch the announcement trailer here. The battle trailer is below.


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