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E3 2013: Xbox One has the Power of 10 Xbox 360s, Plus "Infinite" Additional Cloud Clout

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The Xbox One is more powerful than 10 Xbox 360s, Microsoft has said, and that's before you factor in the extra power offered by the console's cloud functionality.

Speaking at a behind-closed-doors demonstration in L.A this week, engineering manager Jeff Henshaw said, "the cloud brings infinite additional processing power."

Although Henshaw’s team is very proud of the Xbox One’s capabilities while offline, being connected means that the console is capable of processing more data.

The example Henshaw used related to asteroids. Using data from NASA, an offline Xbox One is capable of tracking the orbital velocity of 40,000 asteroids in space. While online it can track 330,000.

“The Xbox One is able to do it without even breaking a sweat because it's pulling in virtualized cloud computing resources," said Henshaw.

But it’s not all about asteroids. According to Henshaw, this extra computational power allows developers to make bigger, better games.

"Game developers are building games that have bigger levels than ever before,” he said. “In fact, game developers can now create persistent worlds that encompass tens or hundreds of thousands of players without taxing any individual console, and those worlds that they built can be lusher and more vibrant than ever before because the cloud persists and is always there, always computing.”.

"Those worlds can live on in between game sessions. If one player drops out, that world will continue on and can experience the effects of time, like wear from weather damage, so that when a player comes back into the universe it's actually a slightly evolved place in the same way that our real world evolves a little bit from the time we go to sleep to the time we wake up. 

“Game developers have given us incredibly positive feedback on the crazy different ways that they can use this incredible new cloud power resource."


Edit: The original intro to this story has been corrected for clarity.


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