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E3 2013: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hands-On Preview – Thor-ed Out

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Lee saw LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at GDC back in April and couldn't contain his excitement, extolling the virtues of little LEGO Iron Man, and his ability to instantly cure hangovers. Now, we weren't hungover while playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in Warner Bros' booth at E3, but it still managed to charm the pants off us. Not literally, of course.

This latest demo offered hands-on with the Sand Central Station level we'd seen at GDC, or a new stage set in Asgard called 'Bifrosty Reception'. The latter being the obvious choice, we leap into the Bifrost with Thor and travel to the realm of the gods where Loki is wreaking havoc, following the destruction of the Silver Surfer's board, which has been broken into little Cosmic Bricks and scattered throughout the Marvel universe.

With Wolverine, Captain America and the Human Torch in tow, your journey through the Bifrost involves dodging bits of discarded junk as you race through the tunnel at speed towards Asgard. It's a fairly simple sequence, but then it is only supposed to serve in getting you to Asgard and onto Heimdall's Rainbow Bridge. It's inside Heimdall's observatory that the action kicks off, with Loki immediately setting about causing mischief (it's what he does), sending an army of Frost Giants our way to knock our blocks off.

Having LEGO little Thor in our corner, we're able to fly around the place zapping the giants with lightning, holding a button to aim with a pop-up crosshair. The Human Torch controls in much the same way, and his power to heat things up and melt them proves invaluable. In fact, we get a little overzealous with the Torch's flaming on, and accidentally burn the flesh from Wolverine's bones, exposing his indestructible adamantium skeleton.

Logan's healing factor soon kicks in and his flesh grows back onto his skeleton. We decide to take the X-man out for a spin, going full berserker, slashing up the Frost Giants with Wolvie's claws, taking them down before they get a chance to get their icy spikes into our LEGO foursome. Melting some icy lumps to free LEGO blocks, we're able to rebuild the sword in Heimdall's observatory and charge it up with Thor's lightning, opening the way ahead onto the Rainbow Bridge.

Advancing across the Rainbow Bridge, more Frost Giants mount their assault, so we put Captain America's iconic shield to good use, aiming it using a reticule to paint over several targets before letting it fly, bouncing off the bad guys and back to Cap's hand. Every Marvel character in the game has their own unique abilities like these, and each will possess skills that will be integral to progression, like Spider-Man's ability to pull items with his webs, or Iron Man's destructive capabilities with his missiles, unibeam and repulsor blasts.

Reaching the towering gates leading into Asgard itself, Loki stands guard looking smug. He covers the way ahead in ice and takes one of our team hostage using his staff to mind control them. Fighting through more Frost Giants to get to Loki, we hit Thor's mischievous sibling to break the mind control connection, then use the Human Torch to melt the ice wall and weaken the gates. Thor then hurls Mjolnir (his hammer) at a crack in the shattered doorway to open it up and let the Marvel team progress.

Loki stands waiting once again, and this time grasps Thor with his mind control, demanding the use of a flying character to reach the top of the icy stairway (this ice can't be melted) to stop Loki and build a stairway for the rest of the non-flying characters to use. Climbing walls with Wolverine's claws, we access a route through a chamber, building a console for Captain America to throw his shield into, causing a winch to pop up. Turning the winch, a stairwell rises from the ground, and the way ahead is clear.

Using a character with heat power, we can destroy gold objects, while Iron Man can destroy silver objects or Wolverine can dig like a dog to uncover secrets. Meanwhile, characters like Spider-Man and Venom can use their spider sense to detect more hidden secrets dispersed throughout LEGO Marvel Super Heroes' levels. There promises to be a veritable raft of content to discover in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with over 100 characters to explore it all with, across a whole range of memorable Marvel locations.

Add to that the ability to customise and create your own Marvel Super Hero from various LEGO parts, and you have the makings of a LEGO game that might just last forever. And with the Silver Surfer involved, you can bet that a huge final showdown with the planet devouring Galactus is almost definitely on the cards. This might be no less than the 18th LEGO game, but we couldn't be more excited at the prospect of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, bringing together the comic book brand's greatest characters, all LEGO-ified and all under one roof. Excelsior.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is coming to Xbox 360 this autumn and Xbox One near to the next-gen console's launch.


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