Microsoft's New London Studio Will 'Redefine AAA' With Mobile Titles

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Microsoft’s new studio in London has four free-to-play games in development that promise to “re-define what AAA represents.”

Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Lift London Studio Head Lee Schuneman shared his belief that AAA is no longer about “team size or budget or device."

Instead, for the ex-Rare developer, popular mobile titles like Clash of Clans can now be considered AAA because of their ability to grow with the audience and follow them onto whatever device they own.”

Founded last year, Lift London was established to build on Microsoft’s new vision of digital entertainment, focusing its talents on the swift production of experiences for mobiles, tablets and TVs, using the power of the cloud.

Schuneman’s aim is to "take characters to the next level in mobile games," something he demonstrated by showing a 30 second animated clip of a zombie survival scenario. It is believed that the clip does not represent any of the studio’s in-development games.

In addition to creating its own experiences, London Lift will also serve as an “incubator” for third-party developers, allowing teams to work on their games on the premises while drawing on Lift’s resources and expertise.

Currently in residence is DLaLa, the developer of Janksy – Space Based Physics Adventure, who will remain in the London studio until February 2014, as part of a “fixed cycle” system.

"Our journey at Lift London is just beginning, and I'm looking forward to revealing more to you very soon," said Schuneman.

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