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Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer, Screens & Alt Costume Art Revealed
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Capcom has released a bunch of new details and a ton of art for Ultra Street Fighter IV, which was revealed over the weekend.

Available on a disc and digitally in its full, standalone form, or as a DLC upgrade for owners of SSFIV and SSFIV: Arcade Edition, Ultra features five new characters, six new stages, rebalanced gameplay, some “yet to be announced” new modes and gameplay options, and - for those that buy the standalone game - all of the DLC costumes yet released for any of the previous SFIV games.

The digital upgrade version of USFIV will cost $14.99, while the full disc/download version will cost $39.99. It's out in "early 2014."

Below you’ll find a new announcement trailer, screens for all the new characters - Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento, and art for their pre-order alt costumes designed by Udon. The fifth new character included in the pack will be revealed soon. Rumour is it's Asura from Asura's Wrath.






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Forum Posts: 153
Comment #1 by Ginormous76
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 05:56:29 AM
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Of course there is another edition.

Forum Posts: 86
Comment #2 by SonsOfDisaster
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 06:02:46 AM
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I wousld tell anyone who has never owned this game to pick it up, but I think I will pass on this one just because xb1 is right around the corner, so I wont be buying many more x360 games.

Forum Posts: 1485
Comment #3 by dirge
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 06:16:38 AM
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Ono san has said it is not going to be Asura.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #4 by DeadMan634
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 06:20:51 AM
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Why not make a Super Xtreme Marvel vs Capcom 3 now...

Forum Posts: 28
Comment #5 by bobbyhopadop
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 06:50:31 AM
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Great game, still popular online after 5 years, massively popular in the tournament scene, and this content was effectively demanded by fans. Despite Capcom reusing character models and stages from the Streetfighter x Tekken game there is still a LOT of content here for 1200 msp. After playing this game for so long years I love to get new content every 1-2's what I want DLC to be. The retail dic is also a good time for newcomers to buy in.

The alternate costumes are pretty good; especially Poison's, why does she have to be a man!!

Forum Posts: 32
Comment #6 by Furryvision78
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 07:04:03 AM
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The funny thing is this won't be the last...

Forum Posts: 134
Comment #7 by spearian
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 07:07:27 AM
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I wish they would of called it Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2014 or something along those line lol.

@5. You are right. Such a shame Poison is damn tranny!

Forum Posts: 3010
Comment #8 by Dirty130
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 07:13:04 AM
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You can see Poison's man bulge in the alt costume pic. Awkward.

Forum Posts: 3660
Comment #9 by Akuza
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 07:27:05 AM
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@6 damn straight it wont be the last... Stupid the amount of rereleases..

@7 thatll be the next one =P


on a proper comment side, i cant understand why they need to rerelease this again? Why not make street fighter 5?

i realise they want money and not much else is selling well for capcom, but if they make a fucking megaman game instead of this same old shit style they may do well!

Forum Posts: 399
Comment #10 by General Boredom
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 07:27:49 AM
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At least they're releasing this as DLC, unlike Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Forum Posts: 28
Comment #11 by bobbyhopadop
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 08:00:33 AM
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@9 This was fan demanded, they get to look to care about fans while making a guaranteed profit. SF4 has been incredibly popular for them and considering how their subsequent releases, in other franchises, have been in the last number of years I dont have much faith in them creating a similarly great system in SF5. The longer they continue to update SF4 the better imo

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #12 by Zerj
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 09:15:03 AM
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@8 just pretend it's a camel toe, it's a game and no one will know the difference!

Forum Posts: 4851
Comment #13 by Evo Kazz
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 09:38:11 AM
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I prey for no more achievements

Forum Posts: 137
Comment #14 by Krzysiek68
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 09:38:54 AM
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why not Street Fighter V?

Forum Posts: 198
Comment #15 by STILLBORN
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 10:11:03 AM
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The next version will be called Super Ultra Street Fighter IV and after
that it'll be Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Forum Posts: 164
Comment #16 by ShadowDante58
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 10:46:59 AM
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Wonder when Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is going to drop.

Forum Posts: 36
Comment #17 by drewbird
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 12:07:34 PM
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I guess i will wait until later on in 2014 for the next edition. Fool me once capcom with street fighter 4...fool me again with super street fighter didnt fool me with the super street fighter 4 arcade edition, and you wont fool me now with this. Even though it does look really sweet, with Rolento and Hugo. lol

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #18 by The StripedMann
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 12:35:37 PM
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For anyone buying this: You are supporting the ruining of the industry of videogames.

Forum Posts: 228
Comment #19 by Fozki Razormaid
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 12:40:34 PM
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Why not street fighter alpha 4

Forum Posts: 242
Comment #20 by WREQUIEM
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 12:43:26 PM
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@18 Stfu.

Forum Posts: 3660
Comment #21 by Akuza
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 01:24:54 PM
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@11 fair point, but It just makes them look like farmers... Milking the shit out of something.

Lets be honest, they did this with street fighter 2 releasing about 7 or is it 8 different versions... Basically killing off the franchise by over using the public for money.

Would you rather see them keep doing this and kill the franchise AGAIN or make an actual new game?

I know which I want as I love street fighter.

Forum Posts: 1389
Comment #22 by FatalDeathSG45
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 01:57:42 PM
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So yet another version of Street Fighter IV. What's next? Ultra Street Fighter IV Turbo: Championship Edition?

Really, I like Street Fighter, but they should really just go to make Street Fighter V.

Forum Posts: 1802
Comment #23 by CoregBlue1
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 03:18:01 PM
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like a ton of fans, really looking forward to this.

its only 15 bucks, if they would call it SFV it would have the same roster plus a few additional characters, new stages and new modes. basically what you get here for 15.

if you want to spend 60 bucks so bad go and by the disc version of this again.

Forum Posts: 112
Comment #24 by oO Triple G Oo
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 03:22:51 PM
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@17: You do realize you can just upgrade from SSFIV to Arcade Edition and now Ultra, right? It's not like they're making you buya whole new game, it's just a 15 dollar expansion pack.

Forum Posts: 28
Comment #25 by bobbyhopadop
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 03:28:00 PM
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I still dont get all the hate. Its DLC, years after release, not on the disc or created before release. Isn't this what DLC was made for?

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #26 by Kinkimono
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 04:53:08 PM
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Best fighting game this generation, so happy about this. Just because it looks like they are milking it doesn't mean they are.

Forum Posts: 124
Comment #27 by TheWeasel
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 05:26:53 PM
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what thehell is up with capcom and their different versions of the same game? how many differ versions of sf3 came out before they finally changed it for sf4? now they are going to have 20 different versions of sf4 before they make/change the name to sf5? considering pretty much every sf game is exactly the same just different characters and level setting?

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #28 by DeadMan634
Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 11:56:40 PM
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I just want a new Marvel vs Capcom...

Forum Posts: 91
Comment #30 by BIGNASTYLUMP
Monday, July 29, 2013 @ 10:31:27 AM
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Wish they would make a Capcom vs SNK 3.

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