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Dragon Age Save Data Will "Absolutely" Transfer to Dragon Age: Inquisition

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BioWare has confirmed that the decisions you made in previous Dragon Age games will come across to Dragon Age: Inquisition on next-generation consoles.

"We know what we want to do," BioWare Producer Cameron Lee told GameSpot Australia. "It will absolutely come across - your decisions carry [and] will matter." Lee couldn't be drawn on further details, but Writer Patrick Weekes added that "the goal is that you can have an equally rich experience no matter which platform you're playing on." Could this mean an interactive prologue for newcomers to the series?

Naturally, there'll be ties to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II in Inquisition, as Community Manager Chris Priestly (who'll incidentally be leaving BioWare at the end of the month) elaborated. "There will absolutely be some ties to some of the previous games," he said. "Maybe some of the books or that sort of thing that you'll recognise if you've played the previous games, but they're not going to be reliant on the previous games." Instead the previous Dragon age games will be touchstones within Inquisition's world.

Furthermore, BioWare wants to bring back more of the tactical decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and do away with the recycled assets from Dragon Age II, while improving upon the dialogue exchanges and the way in which conversations are delivered, with a voiced protagonist like DAII's Hawke or Mass Effect's Shepard.

It all sounds rather promising. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be coming to Xbox One in autumn 2014.

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