Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Trailer is All Bikinis, Bums and Boobs
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You could probably track the evolution of video game hardware through the progression of Dead or Alive’s boob physics, should you be so inclined.

They’re like the series’ calling card, those boobs. Kids giggle at them, teenagers gawp at them and feminists frown at them, but the boobs don’t care. They just keep on jiggling, oblivious to the world around them. 

From the series’ humble beginnings right up to the enormous, pendulous jelly bowls you see today, they’ve come a long way.

Anyway, sorry, I got distracted for a minute there. Below you’ll find a new Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate vid. I don’t really know what it’s in aid of, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter does it?


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Comment #1 by Malus360
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 12:51:29 PM
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Comment #2 by Khaine2000
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 12:54:35 PM
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I prefer real ones myself.

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Comment #3 by Zenka The Myth
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 12:55:22 PM
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Dead or Alive. Keeping games in the dark ages with sexism and objectification.

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Comment #4 by WREQUIEM
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:12:58 PM
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@3 ....really?

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Comment #5 by HolyTaco
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:21:14 PM
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The Xbox version should include a towel

Forum Posts: 292
Comment #6 by ViNyLek
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:28:04 PM
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@#3 What a LOL! I have not laugh so hard this week... Thanks for being so uhm "progressive"?

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Comment #7 by dbdikillhaji
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:31:13 PM
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so bad that It is tits and ass that sells this game. so glad I prefer quality over quantity

Forum Posts: 647
Comment #8 by Nei Debrusc
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:37:54 PM
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Ah, Itagaki would be so proud.

Forum Posts: 71
Comment #9 by Jaganboy
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 01:59:03 PM
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Regardless of what anyone says, I like the change between DoA4 and 5 - there was major improvement so I hope DoA5:U delivers also. This also makes me wonder how detailed DoA6 would be on the Xbox One O.o

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Comment #10 by Hitomi
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 02:10:50 PM
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@7 you've obviously never played a DOA game they're really fun and it's an easy fighting game to get into great for casual gamers.

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #11 by bigp 6
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 02:20:34 PM
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@10 if you think DoA is a easy game & great for casual gamers then you've obviously never played one

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Comment #12 by PSNgaviota1195
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 04:53:29 PM
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@10 and 11. Son't want to get into the easy fighter argument, but I just got to say that personally, Blazblue is the easiest 2d fighter to learn, yet hard to master :).

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #13 by davhuit
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 05:49:25 PM
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I prefer Tekken, but that's just me (and not really in terms of Boobs or not, it's just about gameplay for me).

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #14 by DaOneManClan
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 06:24:45 PM
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#3 i can't belive that came out of a grown man's mouth. You sir are a vaginal, hole of a man.

Forum Posts: 26
Comment #15 by FatalFlaw810
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 07:28:15 PM
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#3 has a point but it isn't just Dead or Alive that portrays it, just seems more obvious.

@12: Are you serious? Dead or Alive isn't a 2d fighter so your opinion is irrelevant in this case.

Forum Posts: 73
Comment #16 by prs129
Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 11:38:23 PM
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@ 15 his post again. he never said dead or alive was a 2d game. he said blazblue was and its easy to learn yet difficult to master....

i love watching ignorant people argue and make pointless statements.

Forum Posts: 132
Comment #17 by stianpuz
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 12:23:51 AM
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rack city bitch

Forum Posts: 53
Comment #18 by Coruba
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 02:39:38 AM
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I bought a Dead Or Alive title when I was younger, and it was all about the boobs! The graphics were great too, and I guess it was kinda fun, but they were definitely a selling point.

Forum Posts: 107
Comment #20 by MasterBubs82
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 07:05:09 AM
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I've played a Dead or Alive game in the past as well -- yeah, the eyecandy is indeed a major selling point for the series, but its fighting game engine was no slouch either... but eyecandy's a good thing now and then lol.

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Comment #21 by PSNgaviota1195
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 01:25:59 PM
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@15 You need a to take another look at the game again. DOA is a 2d fighting game in a 3d arena.

Forum Posts: 125
Comment #22 by Racxie
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 04:36:42 PM
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I'm disappointed. Based on the article I expected far more jiggle in the trailer.

Forum Posts: 121
Comment #23 by Spartanic Ghost
Saturday, August 03, 2013 @ 08:24:46 AM
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They'd probably make more if they just came right out and made a Dead or Alive Extreme 3.

Forum Posts: 332
Comment #24 by DESTRO5
Monday, August 05, 2013 @ 09:38:47 AM
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Breast, leg and thighs, D.O.A. got it for ya.

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