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The Dragon Age Keep Will Enable You to Tailor Your "Historical World State"

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If you're wondering how your Dragon Age history will be ported over to Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare has today announced the answer. It's called Dragon Age Keep, and offers players the chance to "customise a Dragon Age historical world state to your exact specifications."

This includes all of your decisions made throughout Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II, such as the modifications you made to your Warden in Origins or your version of Hawke in DA II. Your companions and romances can be carried over, and who rose to power or succumbed to defeat will also be taken into account to determine the overall legacy you'll take into Dragon Age: Inquisition. All of your settings customised in the Keep will be imported into the new game when it releases next year, avoiding the issue of porting saves between current and next-gen consoles and anyone whose saves might have been corrupted.

"I’d like to give some history on how the Keep came into existence. Very early in the planning of DAI, we began to think about how we were going to address the issue of importing save game files. We were dealing with a brand new game engine, plus the next generation of consoles. It was a priority that our fans be able to have their decisions carry forward, regardless of their past or future platform," Executive Producer Mark Darrah explained on the BioWare Blog.

"We realised that in order to make this work, we’d have to look into a cloud-based solution. Moving to the cloud allows players to take their unique world state into any platform (present or future) and even other media. For existing fans, an advantage of being in the cloud is that (if you are ok with spoilers) you can fully explore what-if scenarios, and become aware of events and consequences in our past games that you may not have known were possible.  You can then fire up the previous games and go exploring for those moments."

What if you'd rather import you actual Dragon Age save games across to Dragon Age: Inquisition? BioWare is still looking into the possibility. "We are continuing to investigate ways in which save files from previous games could be used to populate the initial world state of the Dragon Age Keep. We’ll provide more information on this in the months to come," Darrah added.

"Choices in our games are immense, and on occasion subtly perceived. In some cases, the consequences of decisions you’ve made in a past game won’t reveal themselves until some future story.  Handling all these permutations is complex. Really complex. Tracking all possible prerequisites and potential knock-ons, even just to create the simple acknowledgement of a choice is very detailed — and prone to error.

"As an example, an import from DAO to DA2 brought across something in the order of 600 different data points, most requiring complex logic solving to answer correctly the question of 'how did the player settle this choice at the end of the game.' As a result, some current save imports are buggy, which is our fault, and something we’re committed to fixing. Permanently. The Keep allows us to do just that. Users of the Keep won’t have to suffer with these types of logic inconsistencies any longer."

From today you're able to visit Dragon Age Keep to sign up for the beta, which is scheduled to commence early next year. The full version of Dragon Age Keep will be available to everyone a few months prior to Dragon Age: Inquisition's launch on Xbox One in 2014. We'll be bringing you a first look preview of the game this weekend.


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