Microsoft Revamps Xbox Rewards Scheme, Credit System Explained

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Microsoft has re-launched the Xbox Rewards Scheme, following the switch from Microsoft Points to real, local currency and today broke down exactly how and where you get reward credits.

Xbox Rewards now offer Xbox Live users credits for engaging with the service, be it purchasing content, renewing subscriptions or using features.

Once the user racks up 5,000 credits, that total is then converted into currency and deposited in the user’s Microsoft account. The conversion rate is $5 for every 5000 credits.

“Xbox Live Rewards is all about YOU,” says Microsoft. “That's why we designed the program with you in mind."

“Whether you're an avid gamer with an ever-growing Gamerscore, or a movie buff who lives and breathes Xbox Video, we reward you for doing what you love. And the more you do, the more you get.”

You can find out more about the new scheme, and sign up for Xbox Live Rewards, here.


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