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Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Things You Absolutely Must Do

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You may have heard that Grand Theft Auto V is out today, and with the promise of a sprawling open sandbox laid at your feet, what are the first things you should do? We have a few suggestions for you that you might be interested in.

Here are the 10 things that you absolutely must do in GTA V. Getting a private dance at the Vanilla Unicorn Gentlemen's Club is a given. Here's the rest:

1. Pimp Your 'Whip' – Cars aren't called cars in Grand Theft Auto V. They're called 'whips', and what better way to commence your journey through the urban sprawl of Los Santos and deep into the northern wilderness and backwater towns of Blaine County, than with a tricked out whip?

You'll need to get yourself to Los Santos Customs with a wad of cash if you want the full works for your vehicle, with body kits, turbo injection, sports brakes, funky spoilers, tinted windows, paint jobs, rims and even the colour of your tyre smoke entirely customisable. And once you've finished transforming your car - sorry, whip - into a ridiculously overblown turbocharged monster that would make Vin Diesel pee in his pants, you'll want to get out there and explore. Remember to go shopping and get Frank, Mike and Trev some sexy duds too.

2. Steal a Fighter Jet – Head just northwest of Los Santos city, and you'll eventually run into Fort Zancudo, a heavily guarded military base where all manner of badass hardware is just waiting to be nicked, including Rhino tanks, carrier aircraft and the P-996 Lazer fighter. Here's how we bagged ourself a high-velocity jet.

Head to Los Santos Customs and armour up your car to the max, get yourself some bulletproof tyres, then roll up to Fort Zancudo's gates. Save your game via your phone, just in case your attempt at jet theft goes awry, then speed through the checkpoint. If you can avoid being exploded by numerous tanks and army guys, then you should be able to find one of several P-996 Lazer fighter planes just waiting to be commandeered and flown off the base. Park it up in a hangar if you've got enough cash to acquire one, and hey presto, a fighter jet available whenever you want it. Oh yes.

3. Go on a Maniacal Rampage – Get yourself over to Ammunation, and if you've progressed through the story enough, you'll have a veritable arsenal of weapons to choose from. Best of all, you can carry every single one of them without having to swap out weapons, so if you want a rocket launcher, grenade launcher and a minigun, you can have them all at once.

Play with Trevor while wearing a $2500 bulletproof vest and you'll last a lot longer with his crazed red mist ability that enables him to take less damage. Find somewhere with a nearby medikit and a bottleneck where the cops can march towards you like lemmings, and you have the makings of a ludicrous bloodbath. Remember to shoot down the helicopters before they drop NOOSE agents on your head too. Remember not to do this in real life.

4. Get Some Exercise – Tennis, golf, ahem... darts. There are plenty of sporting activities to enjoy in GTA V, and they're all remarkably accomplished renditions, with tennis playing not all that dissimilar to a proper tennis video game, and golf utilising a Tiger Woods-style swing system. And when was the last time Tiger Woods enabled you to beat your opponent to death with a 3-wood before speeding off in a golf cart? Never. If you need to calm down afterwards, there's always yoga too. Namasté.

5. Meet the Freaks – From the weed lobbyist to the crazed fitness fanatic, Los Santos is a hive of freakiness and Franklin, Michael and Trevor are all too willing to participate in the madness, meaning you'll be along for the ride regardless. From random encounters to fully-fledged missions, you'll meet your fair share of headcases in and around Los Santos, and be transported into some truly surreal and unexpected encounters. To say any more would be entering spoiler territory, but suffice it to say, keep your eyes open and prepare for weirdness.

6. Take Chop for a Walk – Initially, he's Lemar's faithful rottweiler until Franklin takes him under his wing. His name's Chop, and he'll happily lay out a steaming turd in your garden, just for you. You can take him for a walk, play fetch or get him to savage your enemies, assuming you can keep him from humping other mutts, of course. He's your loyal companion, and if you download the iFruit app, he's a daft little Tamagotchi game too. Give Chop a nice collar and keep him happy, yeah? Woof.

7. Hunt an Elk – Go shooting with Trevor's redneck buddy Cletus, and he'll introduce you to the world of hunting. Stay downwind, tiptoe through the forest and only shoot the males (the antlers are a giveaway). You can then sell the carcasses at a handsome price, as a neat little sideline. Just watch a cougar doesn't creep up on you and tear your throat out.

8. Base Jump Off Mount Chiliad – The highest peak in GTA V, Mount Chiliad's summit can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can ride a cable car to the top, land a helicopter up there, or even skydive your way onto the peak. That would be using up your parachute though, and you'll be needing that.

You can purchase a parachute in a range of colours from your nearest Ammunation, and even customise it with a smoke trail if you want to bring some razzle dazzle to the stunt. Now, run up the cable car's highest support and leap off the edge. Congratulations. You're skydiving off the edge of Mount Chiliad. Happy landings!

9. Explore the Ocean Floor – If the hustle and bustle of Los Santos and Blaine County's surface world is all too much for you, then why not retreat beneath the waves, to the serene calm of the glittering ocean? Whether you choose to do this in a little yellow submarine or with scuba gear is up to you, but with boat parts and nuclear waste to track down, you'll likely be spending a lot of time under the sea anyway. You've been able to swim in GTA for a while, but there's never been a genuine reason to go into the water, until now. Just look out for sharks. They're freakin' terrifying.

10. Finish the Story – The backbone of Grand Theft Auto V is of course its compelling narrative, comprised of twists, turns, and several edge-of-your-seat heists through which you'll be able to amass your fortune. Now go play it!

Did you miss our Grand Theft Auto V review? Get it here! Then share your greatest, non-spoilerific GTA V moments you've experienced so far in the comments!


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