Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Assassin's Creed IV's Modern Day Sections Can Last Between 20 Minutes and 5 Hours
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In an interview on the Ubisoft blog, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's Game Director Ashraf Ismail has revealed some details on how the game's modern day sequences will play out, and how much or how little you'll need to visit these sections during the course of the story. Some of this might prove a bit SPOILERY, if you've yet to finish Assassin's Creed III.

"In total, if you were to do everything in the present day – find everything, hack every computer, access every room – it’s a solid three to five hours," said Ismail. "For the main path – the stuff you’re required to do – it’s somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes. You leave the Animus five times during the game’s main path and each time you’re there for about three to four minutes."

Ismail also noted that while some players don't like the present day bits in Assassin's Creed, it's part of the brand and seemingly here to stay. "We pretty much tried to boil it down to its most core essence because we know there are people out there who really don’t like the present day, and that’s okay. You don’t have to like it, but it’s part of the brand. For the people who like the present day and are big fans, we put in a lot of fan service and a lot of fun optional content. You get to choose if you want it or not."

During the present day sequences you'll play the role of an Abstergo employee in its offices, and you can learn more about Desmond's fate post-Assassin's Creed III while hacking computers and accessing other rooms by breaching Abstergo's security. Ismail also promises that Black Flag will still contain its fair share of "What the Fuck Moments" involving Juno, The First Civilisation et al.

"You can’t have an Assassin’s Creed game without a What the F–k Moment. It has to be in there. The First Civilization, Juno… all that is part of the brand and yes, there’s progression in it. It’s not just a nod that we make to it. It’s actually part of the meta story. You see what happens after Assassin’s Creed III – you see the ramifications of that, and we push it further," Ismail concluded.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is out on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe for current-gen, and at launch for next-gen consoles.


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Forum Posts: 148
Comment #1 by x_Silxx_x
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:06:33 AM
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If the modern ACIV was a little bit more orange, I'd swear it was Deus Ex:HR.

Forum Posts: 398
Comment #2 by Wicelow
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:09:05 AM
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Still not sure about this one.
Gameplay in AC3 was good but the story was kinda meh.
Plus the 100% tracker glitched on me so I'm still pissed...
I'll probably wait for the "complete" edition with all DLCs they'll release like 6 months from now...

Forum Posts: 439
Comment #3 by Craphex
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:14:29 AM
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@2 would that be before or after AC5?

I joke, I have this preordered for the xb1, cannot wait!

Forum Posts: 755
Comment #4 by Hurricane Of 87
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:17:59 AM
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I was fine with the present day stuff, mostly thanks to Danny Wallace, but the Juno/Minerva/First civilisation stuff can wrap the fuck up already.

Shit or get off the pot.

Forum Posts: 17
Comment #5 by Fluttershy
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:30:12 AM
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Although I doubt it, I really hope this game wont be as stale as the last 3.

Forum Posts: 213
Comment #6 by lazygammer13
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:39:18 AM
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I had fun with Conor's story in AC3, but I still feel Desmond should have gotten his own game to really send him off. Maybe then the ending to 3 wouldn't have been so freakin' stupid. My favorite parts of 3 were the modern day parts.

Forum Posts: 129
Comment #7 by Akinokaze
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:40:40 AM
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I liked the present day stuff, it was interesting [so long as it wasn't 1st person platforming.]

Personally I'd been hoping for an AC set entirely in modern day so we could play in the urban jungle, frankly I thought that was what they were building upto with Desmond as to navigate a modern landscape you'd need serious skills which I thought was what they were working upto with the gradual skill increases throughout the games.

We saw a little of the possibilities with AC3's power core missions so I was getting excited only to [seemingly] kill off Desmond [somehow I doubt that's really the end of him.]

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #8 by LokTechCEO
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 05:45:21 AM
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#5 You thought brotherhood was stale? Good joke!

Forum Posts: 52
Comment #9 by JoeyStone
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 06:23:26 AM
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@5 I played some of Black Flag at Eurogamer last month and, despite it only being one short mission (about 10-15 minutes or so depending on what path you took), it felt a lot better than AC3 and the main character was immediately more engaging.

Forum Posts: 1189
Comment #10 by gazmaster1
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 06:26:20 AM
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Still no closure on Desmonds story. Glad I gave up on the series a ling time ago.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #11 by ancient wolf75
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 06:30:10 AM
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I really enjoyed the modern day parts in all the AC's so my interesting in this has increased again ^^

Forum Posts: 141
Comment #12 by shavron
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 06:47:34 AM
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@5, Honestly the only entry that I would call stale was Revelations. There simply wasn't enough new stuff or a compelling enough story to really keep things fresh. Brotherhood was almost as good as II and had enough new features to really keep me entertained. III, regardless of how you felt the quality of was, had a lot of new ideas. The freerunning through the woods and all the naval stuff. The use of bows. The hunting. There was a lot of great ideas in there, but the execution could have used some work.

Forum Posts: 208
Comment #13 by DeadlySinz86
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 07:04:26 AM
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The ending of AC3 was bullshit, it almost made the previous games feel like a waste. You're under the impression that you're learning everything you can from your ancestors to turn Desmond into the ultimate assassin to take out the Templars, then they go and pull that nonsence.

Forum Posts: 13
Comment #15 by tbassett
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 07:15:38 AM
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Maybe it's just me but at this point I have no idea what's going on in these games. I just finished AC3 about a month ago and I didn't know what was going on and couldn't understand what was going on. I also completed, 1, 2, BH, and Revelations. I love the gameplay but the stories have completely lost me.

Forum Posts: 139
Comment #16 by BlackRob182
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 07:22:16 AM
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@15, Yea I know what you mean, I feel the same way. I have no idea what's going on anymore

Forum Posts: 856
Comment #17 by i got squeezed
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 07:54:10 AM
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@2 Ac3 story puts me to sleep. I got it on demand for 15$ during the sale because everyone said the story and stuff was amazing. Uh no. I have never gotten bored of a AC game until now. Wish I had it on disc so I could sell it.

Forum Posts: 218
Comment #18 by DragonessAthena
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 08:04:38 AM
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I'm with @6, I wanted Desmond to have his own game in AC3, since it was his last game, he deserved the full attention. I was always more interested in what happened in the past (with the First Civilization) and the present, never the Animus moments, so considering AC4 is nothing but Animus, I'm passing.

PLUS all of Kenway's life is detailed in the AC: Forsaken novel, and I greatly disliked naval combat in AC3, so since AC4 is heavy on that, no thank you.

Forum Posts: 158
Comment #19 by el_pieablo
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 08:21:04 AM
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@5 AC2 was one of the best games of this gen, and Brotherhood was right behind it. An earlier poster mentioned that Revelations was stale, and although I enjoyed it, it was a bit boring.

Forum Posts: 19
Comment #20 by SeraphTC
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 09:19:26 AM
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IMHO Brotherhood was what AC2 should have been. Revelations was a step too far, and very stale. AC3 tried some new ideas but the execution was poor - on the whole I found AC3 the worst game so far. I just couldn't care less about Conor as a character.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to AC4. I thought the Naval stuff was one of the best parts of 3 and made for a a really nice change of pace, so more of it is welcome. I also enjoyed the modern day elements because of the way they were pushing the story and the AC 'universe' forwards, so I'm quite happy with more of that also.

Forum Posts: 537
Comment #21 by DarqStalker
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 09:26:08 AM
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I like the present day parts wish there were more them of.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #22 by xHankplank
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 10:15:31 AM
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I didn't like the modern parts too much, originally, but I played through the entire series again this past summer and realized how awesome Desmond's story really is! It's rather upsetting to here that the minimum time in the modern world is around 20 minutes. They should take more pride in the modern story because it's wonderful! Either way, I can't wait for ACIV on Xbox One. It's going to be one sexy jaguar.

Forum Posts: 8
Comment #23 by Senitos
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 10:40:25 AM
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im still sure desmond aint dead he is just in a coma again

Forum Posts: 116
Comment #24 by zszaiss
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 12:09:14 PM
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I'm honestly glad to see this come out. Based on earlier articles, I got the impression that the modern day narrative in IV would be like MP in III - sorta like "everyone has an animus, and the modern day character is YOU, omgwtf." For me, the modern day storyline is a big part of the series, and I was about to skip IV since it seemed like they weren't doing much there - but this article is making me think twice.

In general, it's hard to build a compelling story around a character (which I think they did in the present day storyline), then kill off said character, and still have the story continue on and be compelling. But maybe IV is worth a try after all.

Forum Posts: 67
Comment #25 by Brandybooboo19
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 12:10:40 PM
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I like the present day stuff as well, which could make this interesting, I just hope you can hop out of the animus if you want and they don't make miss able pieces, i hate having to replay an entire game for one little moment (especially when there's an achievement attached to it).

I'm apparently alone in this, but I really loved AC3 including the story! I know Connor isn't what Ezio was but he's exactly what he's supposed to be. Ezio was a charismatic Italian while Connor was a stoic Native American! You can't look at each character and expect them to be the same and I think that Ubisoft did an amazing job capturing the change in personalities. Could they have pushed Connor more, of course (especially with those in the homestead)! But they still captured the essence of a man taught to be strong but is being torn apart at the seems. Connor had so much going on in his head and we never got a strong sense of that, and that is where Ubisoft failed to communicate his personality.

On a side note, am I the only one that hopes Achilles shows up in this one? Maybe even in the DLC somewhere?

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #26 by TMAC 93X
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 02:41:42 PM
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@25 Achilles can't according to the animus he was born in the 1720s .part of black flag is in the 17teens though how black flag was written it Will lead in nicely with how AC3 starts with Haytham. so i want him to return.

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