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Call of Duty: Ghosts Has Zombies-like Aliens Mode, Plus Full Map, Mode and Weapon Lists Revealed

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There’s been an explosion of Call of Duty: Ghosts news over the weekend, with info both official and leaked revealing the full list of map names, multiplayer modes and weapons.

Perhaps the most interesting of these revelations relates to Extinction, a new mode which may be Infinity Ward’s answer to Zombies.

Zombies has proved to be a massive hit with fans of Treyarch’s recent CoD titles, allowing players to face off against waves of the undead. Judging by the images and video, Infinity Ward’s version may be similar, but with Aliens taking the role of the bad dudes.

Kicking all this chatter off was a video uploaded on the Call of Duty Instagram account, showing the Ghosts logo transforming into an alien skull. It was quickly followed by this series of leaked images highlighting alien character designs, upgrades and a drill mechanic.

Judging by the images, it’s the player’s job to take out alien hives. One challenge says, "kill 15 aliens using pistols before the hive is destroyed.” You can see them all through here, but there’s a selection below.

Below that, meanwhile, you can see a big old list of every map and mode below, courtesy of Instagram user mute0909. Then below that is a leaked list of weapons, from Twitter user Espadah_.


  • Chasm
  • Flooded
  • Free Fall (Bonus Map)
  • Freight
  • Octane
  • Overload
  • Prison Break
  • Seige
  • Sovereign
  • Stonehaven
  • Strikezone
  • Stormfront
  • Tremor
  • Warhawk
  • Whiteout


  • Blitz – Make it to the portal on the enemy’s spawn point.
  • Cranked – Kill enemies before the timer ends. Each kill restarts the timer.
  • Domination – Capture and hold the flags. Every two seconds a flag is held, the team gets a point. First team to 200 points wins.
  • Free-for-All – Every man for himself. First player to 30 kills is the winner.
  • Grind – Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team.
  • Hunted – Available in both team and free-for-all. Resources are limited. Fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiority.
  • Infected – Eliminated players become Infected. Last player to survive when the timer ends wins.
  • Kill Confirmed – Recover dog tags to gain points for your team. First team to 100 points wins.
  • Search and Destroy – Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Every player has
  • Search and Rescue – Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns.
  • Team Deathmatch – Kill players on the enemy team. First team to reach score limit wins.


Assault Rifles

  • SC-2010
  • SA0-805
  • AK-12
  • FAD
  • Remington R5
  • MSBS
  • Honey Badger
  • ARX-160


  • Ameli
  • M27-IAR
  • LSAT
  • Chain SAW


  • Bizon
  • CBJ-MS
  • Vector CRB
  • Vepr
  • K7
  • MTAR-X


  • Bulldog
  • FP6
  • MTS-255
  • Tac 12

Sniper Rifles

  • USR
  • L1155
  • Lynx
  • VKS

Marksman Rifles

  • IA2
  • Mk 14 EBR
  • MR-28
  • SVU Dragunov


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