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BioWare Teases Next Mass Effect to Celebrate "N7 Day"

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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of Mass Effect, BioWare have declared today "N7 Day." You know, November... 7th... N... 7... geddit? No? Me neither - I kid, of course I do, numb nuts.

Usually we wouldn't really batter an eyelid at such a self-gratifying day, but today brings news. News of the next Mass Effect - the game that we all know is being worked on, but has yet to be "officially" announced.

Okay, I say news, but I actually mean more of a tease. Not your usual tease though, this one actually has a little substance, coming in the form of 5 images from various members of the Mass Effect development team.

Yes, a number of designers and producers from the series took to Twitter to tease the future of the franchise. Originally, Producer Mike Gamble took to Twitter to post the first image, noting, "The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!!," before BioWare Montreal Studio Director, Yanick Roy, posted the second image with the caption, "…with new characters to fall in love with…"

Next up was Level Designer, Gary Stewart, posting the third image alongside the caption, " enemies to encounter…" before Gameplay Designer, Manveer Heir, finished the sentence with the caption, "...and new worlds to explore!" and the fourth image.

The fifth - and presumably the last, seeing as who posted it - image comes from Executive Producer and Mass Effect frontman, Casey Hudson, with the message, "We continue working hard to create amazing new Mass Effect experiences for you. Happy N7 Day everyone!"

Soak these up, folks, I get the feeling this will be all the Mass Effect we'll be getting for quite some time.


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