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Sit tight folks, what you are about to here is a tale of one man’s quest to fulfill two addictions. Jason Cipriano of MTV’s game section, Multiplayer has recently embarked upon a quest that will no doubt drive him to the brink of sanity but we can be certain, once completed, the feeling will be worth it.

Jason, a self confessed achievement whore by practice has set himself the task of getting 10,000 points BEFORE the release of Super Smash Bros on the Wii, December 4th of this year. He wants to get to a gamerscore he feels comfortable with before he plays what he believes is his one true game. You know... That one game that you put ahead of every other game, one that will consume you. Jason is currently sitting on 22 thousand so that’s effectively half of his score, in a fraction of the time. By looking at Jason’s profile, (jaded cynic), he has had his Live profile since June 11th 2006. So he has amassed 22,000 points in 15 months and he now plans to add 10,000 in a little under 3 months. There will have to be a big shift in momentum if he is to meet his deadline or he will have to suffer.

Here’s wishing him good luck on his quest and if you are interested in updates, don’t forget to check out the Multiplayer blog every Tuesday for an update or keep an eye on his gamercard.



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