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Xbox One - Ask Us Anything: We Answer Your Burning Questions

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Earlier on – on Facebook and Twitter – we asked followers and fans if they had any burning questions about the Xbox One for a live-feature this evening… turned out there was a lot of questions, and we’re now on hand for the next 4-hours (maybe longer)  answering your burning questions. We’ll start off answering a handful (there’s been a lot!) of the questions on Facebook and Twitter, before descending into the comments for more questions, so if you do want to know something, get involved – you can also submit questions via Facebook here and Twitter here  using the hashtag #XBAAUA.

And that about sums it up, please do get involved if you want a question answered. If not, sit back, and see what you learn about Microsoft’s new platform. We’ll be doing a series of tests too, to verify some of the more technical questions, so ask us anything. Right… here goes it. Oh, and if you’ve not checked out all our videos, reviews and achievements lists for the Xbox One, then head to our Xbox One Launch Zone.

So then.... Ask Us Anything...

Agent00047 asked, in relation to Kinect earlier, “Dan, did you set up the kinect to your own voice? Because you had to say XBOX a few times before it actually realised you were givin it a command.”

We did calibrate it in the beginning, but that’s all we did. I’m honestly not sure whether it actually can tell the difference between voices, for instance, Lee, Rich and myself have all been controlling the dashboard with my voice. And as for repeating commands, it works very well, but only if no-one else is speaking at the same time. Background noise from the TV is fine, as it takes that into account when it calibrates, but if other people are talking, it likely won’t pick up your commands. Even if you shout them.

@Ciancr on Twitter asks, “can we plug our xbox 360 into the xbox one - to use the sky go app - on the tv feature on Xbox one? #XBAAUA”

Yes, you can. Actually, you can even plug your 360 into your Xbox One and play Xbox 360 games through the “TV” app too. Heck, you can even have one snapped on the side while you’re playing 360 games. Not sure why you would, but it’s a fun fact.

Skilled JR on a news piece earlier asked, “Hey Dan will there be a separate XBONE achievement site?”

No, sir. This site will become a hub for all things Xbox, which obviously means a new domain name, and of course, we couldn’t do that without a makeover. We’re shooting for launch this weekend, but we’re trying to find the most convenient time to do it for you – there will be some downtime as we switch over servers, upgrade the site, etc. and doing that during the launch weekend is going to be tricky as people will obviously want to use us over the weekend.

@The_WORLDEATER  on Twitter asks, “Will connecting a third party DVR disable the use of live tv and other streaming apps? #xbaaua”

I can’t speak for all devices, but our Blackmagic capture card would not allow us to watch the TV when it was connected – it basically showed nothing but a black screen.

Benchem on our Xbox Dashboard tour earlier wrote, “Nice review, but two nitpicks:

1) No comment on how the Xbox Guide works, and how achievements and the like are shown on it.

2) No information explicitly on whether or not challenges and achievements have their individual lists. As we know they are 0G achievements, which suggests the are bundled together, but clarification would be nice.”

1. Well, there is no Xbox Guide anymore, pressing in the – what we usually call – the guide button brings up the dashboard, with the game paused in the background. It’s all part of the Xbox One’s multitasking. So, essentially, the achievements you saw in the video earlier are the only achievement page you’ll only see on the Xbox.

2. Okay, so there are two types of challenge achievements: timed and non-timed achievements. The timed ones don’t actually show in the your game’s achievement list (these can include community challenges) unless you unlock them, but the non-timed challenge achievements do. They’re also not even worth 0 Gamerscore, they’re worth literally nothing, if that makes any sense. See this Vine below.

@gcwberesford on Twitter asks, “Can you carry over your avatar items from Xbox 360 to Xbox One? #XBAAUA”

Absolutely, yes. Even the awardables carry over!

Stoph Johnson on Facebook asks, “Did Dan really play 97 hours of Crimson Dragon or is my xbox lying to me?”

Hah, no, it’s lying to you! We put well over 10 hours in though. We reckon if the game is running in the background, it still counts as the game being played, which is obviously disappointing and probably going to ruin the whole feature a little. Actually, having looked at a few of these stats just, they're not very accurate at all.

Everybody, everywhere asks, "Where is the Ryse review?"

It's coming, 11am GMT tomorrow... so about 14 hours from now.

@chrisdys0n on Twitter asks, “does the Xbox One come with a booklet of commands for Kinect? And how is the speech recognition on the new Kinect? #xbaaua”

No, it does not. That said, if you just say “Xbox,” it brings you up your choices. After a while, it becomes apparent when it comes to your list of commands.

DarkGin87 asks, “Can you Skype call and play games?”

Yes, you absolutely can. It’s one of the options in the ‘snap’ feature.

Zmoke asks, “Well how do the vibrating trigger feel? Are they fun/annoying?

What is the best feature on Xbox One that Xbox 360 didn't have?”

They’re surprisingly brilliant actually and only add to the experience. Rather fun, never annoying. Forza is a great example of using them to the best of their abilities.

Hmmm, tough question, but having discussed it with the lads, we came to the conclusion that it has to be the multitasking. That includes being able to jump from a game into another app, and back again picking up your session at exactly the same point. And of course, that includes ‘snap,’ which is great.

fat_hill asks, "Probably a dumb quesiton but can I have my Gold account active at the same time on my Xbox 360 AND Xbox One or do I have continually transfer it from one to the other (like I do whenever I go to a friends house)?"

Yes, you can have them both running at once. In fact, I actually had the Xbox 360 profile logged into Xbox Live, running through the Xbox One, also logged into Xbox Live.

@Mikglynn on Twitter asks, “are there any noticeable differences in the avatars and does the moving avatar show on dashboard?”

Not really. They may be a slightly higher resolution if anything, and no, the moving avatar does not show on the dashboard. I’ve only seen it in my profile, actually.

Games 4 Ever asks, "Dumb question, but will I be able to send messages to my friends on their Xbox One from my Xbox 360 and vice versa?"

Yes, sir. Absolutely. Text based, anyway. It actually looks voice messages have fallen by the wayside as there isn't an option for them anymore - between Xbox One and 360, and between two Xbox Ones.

mentaljason asks, "May be a dumb question, but is HDMI the only video input option?"

No, it appears you can use DVI as there is an option in the menu too.

bobbyhopadop asks, "1: Same as @16, can we send messages and enter parties from a 360 to an Xbox One and vice versa?

2: I am still confused about how challenges interfere with the achievement lists! What you mentioned above about some challenges being on your list and some not is very messy. If the timed challenges are not on your list.....then where are they!

3: If I have tv/youtube/skype snapped while im playing a game then can you decide which one you want to listen to?"

1. Messages, yes. Parties, no. Literally just tested it to no avail.

2. Well, the community challenges don't show up in your achievement list (see the Vine) until you actually unlock them. Basically, if you miss them, you won't have them staining your list for ever.

3. So, the system automatically has the 'snapped' app as the dominant when it comes to sound. You'll hear the game audio, but not over the top of whatever you have snapped. There appears to be no way to actually control the volume.

JSP 16 asks, "Will we be able to access porn through Xbone? PS4's doing it!!"

Yes, we just tested it... just for you. You're welcome.

Midnight_Jasper asks, "Can I put my dick in it?"

There's no tray anymore, so unless you have a really small one, then no. And yes, we just tried... just for you. That, by the way, is in no way related to the previous question. Honest.

UberPirateNinja asks, "How much does the console weigh? Does the power brick get excessively warm?"

Just over 3 kilograms, and no, surprisingly not. We've had ours on for 18 hours today and it's as cold as Iceland in winter.

blav84 asks, "if you play duty on xbone can you play with ppl that are playing it on 360?"

No, sir, I'm afraid not.

Patrick Ryan on Facebook asks, "Heya want to know if my current Xbox 360 money balance will transfer to Xbox One to use?"

Yes, sir, abso-frickin'-lutely.

@EDDSfkoff on Twitter asks, "can you stream xbox music in the background without having to have it snapped to the side?"

No, it doesn't appear as if you can.

Nicholas Mitchell on Facebook, "I saw you mentioned plugging the Xbox360 into the Xbox One and using it through the TV app - does this mean it acts as a 'backwards compatibility' because the console can be used through the Xbox One? If so, does it function with placing discs in the disc tray, DLC and USB inputs such as Guitar Hero/Rock Band peripherals? Thank you if you do answer this."

Yes. Yes to everything. Your 360 acts like your 360 would if plugged straight into your TV.

Sensi Sachez asks, "I've heard that there is lag when you try to play xbox 360 through. Is this the case? I plan on doing this if I can."

I can only talk about my experience with it and there was no issue. I've literally just come off from playing a game of FIFA to test whether it does lag. It didn't. That said, we ran through a HD channel on Sky yesterday and that was laggy, so it's hard to tell across the board whether that's the case.

adam85222 asks, "I am still hearing various reports if the xbox one will play xbox360 games and is backwards compatible. Can you clear this up for me?"

There is no backwards compatibility. The Xbox One will not play Xbox 360 discs. The confusion is probably coming from the fact that you can plug the HDMI from your Xbox 360 into your Xbox One and play the Xbox 360 through the TV app of the Xbox One, making out as if there is an illusion of backwards compatibility. You still need to have a working Xbox 360 sat next to and plugged into the Xbox One though.

bobbyhopadop asks, "Cheers for the videos; I was looking forward to finding out about the achievments. But there was a couple of other things I was hoping to see! It may not e possible to answer them yet though....

1: Are completed challenges listed on the same page of your profile as achievements?
2: Are non-completed challenges listed after their time is up? Like 5/12 complete etc.
3: How are Xbox One and Xbox 360 achievements that you have won seperated on your profile?"

1. Yes, both timed and non-timed.
2. Can't say for certain, but I doubt it as they seem to be in a completely separate area to the rest of the challenge achievements.
3. They're separated into two headings within the same section: "Xbox One" and "Other Achievements." They all count towards the same Gamerscore though.

McDurbin asks, "I too would like to know if challenges affect your completion percentage. When you view someones profile do they have two separate options for achievements and challenges, like compare achievements and compare challenges?"

Looking at my achievement list now, the completion percentage looks like it's based on Gamerscore, not how many achievements you unlock. Case in point: Forza 5, we have 19 out of 79 achievements (there are 60 in all worth actual Gamerscore and 19 that are challenges, worth nothing) and 130 Gamerscore; our completion percentage is 13%. As for the separation, there is no distinction between achievements worth Gamerscore and non-timed challenges worth no Gamerscore. The only ones separated are timed-challenges.

skribla asks, "We've heard that the friends list is increasing from 100 to 1000 and that everything migrates from the 360 to the One but how does that impact your friends list when you go back to 360? i.e. if I have 200 friends on the One, am I still limited to 100 friends when I fire up my 360? And if so which 100 friends are they - is it the most recent 100 friends added for instance?"

Superb question! So we just did some experimentation and we have an answer for you. I had 100 friends on the Xbox 360, added 2 more to make it 102 on the Xbox One. When I went back to my Xbox 360 list, it still said 100. Looking at it, the 2 that I added on the Xbox One weren't showing on there, so that opened up another question: if I remove one on the 360, would one of the two new people I added on the Xbox One show up in that empty slot? The short answer is no, so it looks like if you add someone on the Xbox One, that friend is only available on the Xbox One.

Folks, thanks for joining us this evening, we spent a good 6 hours going over your questions and testing and answering as many as we could (and knew the answers too). We'll try and update it, and answer some more, if we get a few minutes over the next few days. Thanks for everyone's involvement, you were ace.


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