Destiny Gets a Whole Bunch of New Details on Focus Abilities, Races, Skills and More

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Destiny will be with us sometime next year, which seems far too woolly and far off. With that in mind, we have an insatiable thirst for more details on Bungie's sort-of MMO shooter game set in an expansive open-world. Luckily, Game Informer's January issue has a glut of new Destiny details, thanks to a 14-page feature on class customisation, Focus ablities, environments and other stuff.

Classes and Focus Abilities:

Players will be able to choose to play as Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes in Destiny, each of whom can use the same weaponry, but have armour specific to their class. To differentiate the classes further, you'll also be able to choose a 'Focus' ability each of which is made of tiered upgrades like various grenade types, traversal skills like teleportation or double jumping, weapon specialisation bonuses, and special abilities such as the Warlock's Nova Bomb.

Focus abilities include the Warlock's 'Heart of Fusion' that grants support skills, whereas the Warlock's 'Circle of Night' is more concerned with dealing extra damage. The 'Fist of Havoc' Titan Focus skill enables you to unleash an electrifying shockwave that deals shock damage to enemies over time. Sounds kinda Borderlands-esque, which is a good thing.


As we saw during our E3 demo, Destiny will take you to the dusty Old Russia, a location that's apparently inspired by the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Other locales you'll visit include Venus, its flooded cities and the heavily fortified  Vex Citadel, the Moon and its subterranean tunnels, and the red planet of Mars where a turf war between alien species is going on, presumably in a Total Recall fashion. Wait... that was mutants. You get the idea.


Destiny includes numerous races, alien species and factions, including the multi-limbed Fallen, who are a race of interstellar pirates that have visible souls (shoot them right in the soul). Then there's the Hive, an ant-like alien race who can presumably be burnt with magnifying glasses and boiling water (not really), robotic race the Vex who have power cores set into their torsos, the industrial Cabal, and finally the Exo, man-made machines who have had their memories wiped.


You'll be able to embark upon co-op Raids and Strikes in Destiny, while competitive multiplayer will enable human factions to go toe-to-toe in deathmatches, zone capture games and such. It sounds pretty damn comprehensive and rather exciting.

Destiny is out sometime in 2014, with a beta to precede the game's release.

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