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Latest Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Update Goes Live
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With DICE suspending work on future Battlefield 4 expansion packs, until the studio irons out a multitude of bugs and issues currently persisting with the shooter. This includes the pesky 'one-hit kill' bug that's been plaguing the game, and is apparently squashed in this latest update.

The patch went live earlier yesterday for Xbox 360 and as well as supposedly eradicating the one-hit kill issue, it improves stability and fixes numerous other problems that Battlefield 4 has been experiencing. You can get the full Xbox 360 patch notes below.

Patch Notes:

  • Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating decals (bullet hit effects, etc.)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving vehicles
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when moving outside of the intended play area
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the MBT and IFV gunner incendiary weapon
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Options menu
  • Fixed a problem with weapon accessories using up too much memory, which in turn could lead to crashing

One-hit Kill Bug Fixed

Fixed the "one-hit kill" bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed.

One-hit Kill Bug Explained

We are seeing reports from people that this is still present, with descriptions such as "I came around the edge of a building and died instantly". It is important to understand that this is not the One-hit Kill Bug, that is another issue that we are working on addressing. For this, it is important to understand how some of the interpretations made by the game happen so that you can understand the difference.

We saw an issue where a bullet travelling towards an opponent would cause damage in one frame, and then again in the next frame. Therefore bullets would cause 2x damage if they hit the target between these two frames. This issue has been addressed.

The issue of dying before you saw who shot you is a different beast. We use a term called Interpolation in reference to where you are in the game world. There are instances where the death camera is initiated before the correct internet packets have arrived to be interpolated by your camera. This gives the impression that you were killed by "one shot" as someone came around the corner of a building. We have identified this issue and will address it in this patch and continue to tweak it in upcoming updates (see "Improved Hit Sync" below.)

Improved Hit Sync

We previously removed interpolation of damage events (like you taking damage from someone shooting at you) to make them feel more responsive, but that made the damage sync suboptimal. We are committed to tweaking the sync so that it will stay more true to what you are actually seeing. The first step towards this is taken in this patch, so you should see some improvement on this now. We will continue to work on improving hit sync in the game. This change is already live on PS3, PC, X360, and PS4, and will go live on Xbox One in an upcoming patch.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fix for stuck in infinite loading screen
  • Fix for flares exploit where you could deploy flares faster by leaving and re-entering a vehicle
  • Moved an infantry spawn point on Rogue Transmission at first base that was previously positioned outside of combat area
  • Adjusted AT weapon at first base on Rogue Transmission from second floor barrack to outside on ground. Previously, players had to destroy a wall in order to reach the weapon
  • Performance fix when firing upon large destruction objects (mostly after Levolution events)
  • Minor performance optimizations
  • Fix for destroyed object parts still being visible in the game world
  • Smoother movement of networked objects (like vehicle turrets)
  • Fix for audio randomly dropping out when driving a US tank
  • SP/South China Sea: Added collision for place where player could get stuck

Apparently, the patching won't stop there. "Rest assured that we are already working on more improvements to the game. Stay tuned to the Battlefield 4 Control Room for the latest," says DICE. An Xbox One version of the patch is also set to go live soon.

[Via Battlelog]


User Comments

Forum Posts: 175
Comment #1 by Yourburntstar
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 05:51:10 AM
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Now just roll out the Xbox One update please.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #2 by BitchCassidy
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 05:56:39 AM
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I pad 500 quid for a new console and your game EA. Fancy accommodating us?

If EA brought out broken cartridges for the nes/ms the would never be as successful as they are now. Remember that.

RIP Mandela.

Forum Posts: 326
Comment #3 by JT Fever
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 05:58:58 AM
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purchased this yesterday, will give it a blast tonight, is second assault available on 360 yet for non premium?

Forum Posts: 33
Comment #4 by Zmoke
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:00:26 AM
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@2: Your messages gives the impression that Mandela fought for bug-free games

Forum Posts: 198
Comment #5 by Kevin 737
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:06:58 AM
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Finally we get this update.
But it still brings up one question.
Why were these bugs even in the game?

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #6 by Backlashlaze
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:07:34 AM
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@2 I wouldn't leave an opinionated comment as they'll just delete it. Can you remember the articles from yesterday? They've deleted the top two comments. Absolute tools.

Because of the internet game designers are getting away with being lazy. They're saving money on not sufficiently testing their games and leaving it to us to discover the flaws. Disgraceful.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #7 by BitchCassidy
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:16:24 AM
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^yes they deleted our comments as we didn't like the look of a game they reported on. Im glad so many died to counter censorship and some nazi mod decideds to reverse all that.

Forum Posts: 12521
Comment #8 by Spanish Assault
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:19:23 AM
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Im sure the reason I die all the time is not because of a one hit kill bug. They need to roll out a patch that updates my skill.

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #9 by bluenotesmiley
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:23:08 AM
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No SP save game deletion fix? :/

Forum Posts: 19
Comment #10 by SeraphTC
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:33:08 AM
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@6/@7 Or they deleted it because you are likely the same person using 2x accounts to back up your idiotic troll posts and make yourself feel big and clever.

Alternatively, they deleted them because they were offensive aggravating drivel.

Your choice.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #11 by Backlashlaze
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:51:23 AM
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@10 Please provide me with ONE example of an idiotic post.


Forum Posts: 19
Comment #12 by SeraphTC
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:53:48 AM
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@10 Unfortunately, the two best examples were deleted.

Forum Posts: 19
Comment #13 by SeraphTC
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 07:03:20 AM
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OT: They still have quite a way to go, and I'm surprised BF4 has been released in such a state - but at least they're fixing it.

Well done DICE - better late than never I guess. Keep it up - and don't forget about the issues with Single Player.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #14 by BitchCassidy
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 07:14:50 AM
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@10 having an opinion is not against the ToS.

Commenting with the primary objective of harassing other members is.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #15 by Zalabar22
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 07:15:54 AM
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Still no fix for when you die and go into the gun customization, then get revived your game becomes unplayable for the rest of that match. All you can do is sit there and wait it out, or quit the match.

Forum Posts: 458
Comment #16 by MasterSparky
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 07:44:27 AM
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Im not playing single player until I know my game wont glitch. please hurry with this, Im looking forward to playing through it!

Forum Posts: 2418
Comment #17 by upindat
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 07:46:59 AM
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WTF??? Fix the sp glitch!!! Tired of losing all my progress!!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #18 by Zalabar22
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 08:04:32 AM
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@14 which you have done before. You have harrased me and put me down due to spelling error a few times. Neither Ea or M$ owe you money for your game or console. We should be glad they are even working on a fix, because they are actually not required legally to fix anything at all.

Forum Posts: 569
Comment #19 by Nutty Scouser
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 08:07:27 AM
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Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another

REDUCED - so not cleared up then

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #20 by BitchCassidy
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 08:17:58 AM
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@18 No I haven't. Prove it.

@19 haha good spot!

Forum Posts: 40
Comment #21 by Red620Ti
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 08:19:43 AM
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@15, that was an issue back in Bad Company 2! Is it still happening?

Forum Posts: 1580
Comment #22 by amacteur
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 09:34:55 AM
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Not a word on Air Superiority? Damn DICE...

Forum Posts: 2200
Comment #23 by cheevo360
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 10:26:33 AM
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Look forward BF 5. :)

Forum Posts: 1690
Comment #25 by Jack Frost
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 10:48:26 AM
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Alright, is it just me, or does every bullet point under Patch Notes seem like something that would've been caught before release if someone had played the game for an hour or two?

Forum Posts: 25
Comment #26 by HellsDelight
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 10:51:00 AM
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Somehow it's weird. On one hand I think it's always best to fix MP issues first but on the other hand 98% of the Achievements are (weirdly enough) for SP this time.
I "only" saw 3 big issues at the moment:
1. My Single Player Savegame always gets corrupted
2. The Xbox freezes completely after around 3 MP Maps (workaround is to quit the game and go back in after 2) and maybe lose some MP progress
3. China Rising is not working (which at the moment is for me Priority Nr 1 on the fix list as I'm eager to see the new maps)

Forum Posts: 330
Comment #27 by STONE DEVIL
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 11:07:27 AM
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LOL, patch note 1.

"Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another"

"Reduced the risk..." Really? So basically nothing will ever stop this. Thanks for nothing DICE

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #28 by YourDevastator
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 11:14:29 AM
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yes...its really annoying that my SP save gets deleted magically...and I have both DLC and nether ever play...waste of $$$.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #29 by Zalabar22
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 11:21:57 AM
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@ 20 gta beach bum pack. Go back and read the comments. @24 to be honest I have no idea what I said to piss you off, but take a chill pill dude. all I said is they don't need to dish out money to anyone. Dice has always been good at fixing the games they release with bugs. Its not as broken as everyone claims it to be. I was playing it last night with my wife and buddies. As for your comments towards me, say that to my face coward instead of hidng behind the internet.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #30 by Zalabar22
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 11:39:29 AM
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@24 Actually I am not an excuse because I have a family who loves me, a good paying job, and people who care about who I am and what I do. Your telling me I should believe your opinion over everyone else I know? The funny thing about what you said is that that vulgarity came from you. I have no interest in doing anything that you said, but if you are thinking about others doing those things what is to say you aren't doing them right now?

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #31 by parkerbce586
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 12:59:10 PM
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until I looked at the draft that said $8761, I have faith best friend had been actualie erning money part time at their laptop.. there mums best friend has been doing this 4 only about 8 months and resently repaid the morgage on there villa and purchased a brand new Aston Martin DB5. see here now

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Forum Posts: 178
Comment #32 by Blue Thunder28
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 03:38:12 PM
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Don't feel like playing this until my single player save on the One stops vanishing.

Forum Posts: 1339
Comment #33 by Creasy47
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 05:00:57 PM
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This update just made the game worse (again): more lag, worse OHK situations, lots of bugs I'm noticing. DICE is a fucking joke.

Forum Posts: 6935
Comment #34 by Nevander
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 06:22:28 PM
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No campaign patch? Trollolol.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #35 by modasa23
Saturday, December 07, 2013 @ 04:30:23 PM
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Forum Posts: 307
Comment #36 by DMichaels86
Saturday, December 07, 2013 @ 05:54:16 PM
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So we have o download the plate from the maketplace apparently.. Not sure why it can't just apply at the startup like all games these days. Not to mention, my 10 boosts I had are all gone, this is ridiculous....

Forum Posts: 142
Comment #37 by Tragik T
Sunday, December 08, 2013 @ 01:50:04 AM
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