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Xbox One Won't Be Microsoft's Last Console, Says Phil Spencer
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As cloud-based streaming becomes more prolific, it seems that the humble games console could be on its way out. That's not the case according to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer, who says that the Xbox One won't be the company's last console.

"I don't," Spencer tweeted when quizzed about whether Xbox One could be Microsoft's final home console. "I think local compute will be important for a long time."

Could smartphones and tablets' reliance on networked features be a shape of things to come for consoles? "You can look at mobile, connected to faster networks, more cloud services but local power still increases each gen," Spencer observed.

So home consoles are here to stay then, especially given Microsoft's $700 million investment in bolstering Xbox Live and Xbox Live Compute promising the possibility of game streaming in the future. EA Studios Executive VP Patrick Soderlund also reckons you could be seeing new consoles by 2018-2019.

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Forum Posts: 53
Comment #1 by Coruba
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:19:08 PM
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I would have only just bought the Xbox one by then! Still happy with the last generation for this coming year!

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #2 by Flaming Yeti
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:19:45 PM
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Given how long the 360/PS3/Wii era lasted, 2018 seems waay too early to me. Glad he thinks consoles are here to stay though.

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #3 by akeemx
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:19:55 PM
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just don't name the next console xbox 2...

Forum Posts: 454
Comment #4 by Caramel Cardinal
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:24:02 PM
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this won't be the last, sure were moving more to cloud computing but the console still has to have some power behind it, in 4 years time i fully expect a cloud computing based console from microsoft and sony thats capable of 4k HD in all games to keep up with demand
@2 yeah but the 360 era was extremley unusual in it's length

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #5 by MyNameIsWill
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:25:23 PM
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Xbox Zero

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #6 by Zenka The Myth
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:25:45 PM
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Why would anyone think consoles are on their way out? For one thing they've been around for over 40 years and the number of console owners is the highest it's ever been! It makes sense for anyone to think that the consoles rain is almost over.

Forum Posts: 156
Comment #7 by Baillie1987
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:27:26 PM
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After all the bitching Microsoft received for trying to do an always online console, I'm not surprised at his response.

Forum Posts: 7441
Comment #8 by iBuzz7S
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:29:15 PM
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Not if the next CEO has anything to do about it.....

It's been said for months that if Stephen Elop is assigned the role of CEO at Microsoft, he will get rid of the Xbox division and Bing.

Forum Posts: 2200
Comment #9 by cheevo360
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:32:33 PM
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Super Xbox!!! :)

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #10 by I excer I
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:46:00 PM
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Who the hell thinks smartphones and tablets replaces consoles? Haha! I remember seeing an article about this and "experts" predicts this happening. What a bunch of dumbasses!

Forum Posts: 93
Comment #11 by Heldengeist
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:49:00 PM
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Nice to read that there are still people in key positions, who don't think game consoles are doomed.

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #12 by ShadowDemon xYx
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:49:17 PM
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Next console is going to be the Kinexbox.

Forum Posts: 125
Comment #13 by TheWeasel
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:54:50 PM
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hopefully if M$ does make another console they actually take a few steps forward with the tech rather than 10 steps backwards with it like they did with the X1.
all the features everyone liked on the 360 seem to be taken out of the X1 to name just a couple being able to turn of controller vibration globally, seeing how much battery life you controller had left, having a removable hard drive that you actually managed yourself (do those A-holes at M$ realize how much of a pain in the ass it will be if you have to send in your X1 for repair and the asses send you someone's referbed console instead of the one you sent in and you have to re install and redownload all the content you had on your hard drive).

Forum Posts: 239
Comment #14 by bigsilentrob
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 01:57:32 PM
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Super XBox One : Champion Edition

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #15 by ch33zy
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 02:04:11 PM
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New xbox console by 2018.. Not gonna happen.

to be honest.. I still think there is a ton of life left in the 360.. The thing that's letting the 360 down now is the lack of hard drive storage.

my GoW consoles HD is filled to the brim.. I've even got an external 32gb flash drive filled up with arcade games and its still not enough.. Its just a shame they only allow up to 32gb in external storage... I

and its a pain in the arse to keep re downloading games that I've bought from the MP.. And games that need a shed load of HD space (defiance..gta) are just hogging alot of it.

Forum Posts: 21
Comment #16 by CALIBORS
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 02:13:39 PM
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@ch33zy get a second hard drive, Im alternating between two with all the free games with gold.

not going to try guess the future, MS let me down enough with the X1 but hopefully it can be updated at a further point with out having to do a second physical console/pad.

Forum Posts: 249
Comment #17 by Master Sieder
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 02:28:29 PM
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2018 or 2019 I hope they mean the xbox one S not next-gen....

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #18 by thenewpeter
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 02:36:35 PM
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The problem with console's though... is that they're always behind, given how pc is going atm, the current new generation is already behind at it's release. Console's will hopefully always be around in some form, I like the fixed package settup, but I just don't think that another console release on outdated tech will be any competition for the pc market, unless there will be a way to update things on said console, but, will that really be worth it? And could you still really call that a console...

Forum Posts: 3660
Comment #19 by Akuza
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 02:52:06 PM
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2018? So 4 years? Didn't we get nearly 8 out of the 360? 0.o

Forum Posts: 633
Comment #20 by Samigi
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 03:30:05 PM
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Hopefully I don't see a new one until atleast 2020.

Forum Posts: 147
Comment #21 by hotdogenigma
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 03:34:27 PM
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How about we just concentrate on the one that JUST came out! And apparently fix it so babies stop whining on here about everything that's wrong with it knowing full well there would be growing pains in the first year. No sympathy for you whatsoever.

Forum Posts: 3660
Comment #22 by Akuza
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 03:57:15 PM
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@18 actually PC are always behind themselves.

You could go out and buy all the best spec stuff this week and buy and build it, but it 2 weeks time, your specs are obsolete and out dated.

Give that a year and you won't be able to run the latest cod on your very expensive PC.

So PC isn't all that great these days either.

Forum Posts: 262
Comment #23 by Baki54
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 04:28:54 PM
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@9 We already have that...aka the 360.

Forum Posts: 717
Comment #24 by Grummy
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 04:52:01 PM
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I think 2019-2020 is about when we'll get the next gen now. MS talked up this console cycle being 10 years, but they were also banking on complete acceptance of a digital future that people aren't ready for yet. I'm not sure they will be read in 6 years time either, but regardless of that, the hardware inside both the PS4 and the Xbox One are not advanced enough to be viable for that length of time.

Forum Posts: 250
Comment #25 by FullMoonBeaver
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:02:59 PM
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By the time I can afford a new console, the next gen will have arrived lol. Can't honestly see consoles just disappearing. Too popular for a start.

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #26 by davhuit
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:07:33 PM
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@22 : Yeah, but he was talking compared to consoles.

And you don't need a 2000 dollars PC to get something better than XBOX One/PS4.

And same for the games, that's not really true you can't play games with an one year old PC. I was still playing the last games on my old PC (2008) with settings on med/720p (already higher than PS3/360) and it was still working fine.

With the one I have here, paid ~600 dollars, I can play, for example, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (a game released a few days ago) at 60 FPS (solid framerate), 1080p and everything (even filters) set to the max.

It's a bit more expensive than the consoles price (200 more dollars than PS4, but only 100 more dollars than XBOX One) but with steam games prices, you easily get your money back. PC games are often 10/20 dollars cheaper than consoles games (and if you wait one year, you can get some for a few dollars).

And yeah, 18 is right, even with that "low-spec" PC I have (compared to high-spec ones), I already have better framerate and resolutions than the new consoles (some games even able to outpass 1080p resolution).

It don't mean consoles are bad, if Microsoft would have rather spent money in backward compatibility by putting part of the 360 in the One instead of the useless kinect) I would have probably bought a One, but PC, even at more or less the same price, have always better performances because it's an older market (the "60fps/1080p" standard is a few years olds in PC games, when it's just appearing on PS4/XBOX One, and not in every games).

Forum Posts: 3660
Comment #27 by Akuza
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:14:07 PM
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@26 see what I got from his post was that the consoles are behind on tech and spec. Which is the point I'm making every PC these days is behind within weeks...

Consoles are behind within days of them being conceived :P

The moment they decide on the mother board the RAM everything they are behind lol

Forum Posts: 330
Comment #28 by STONE DEVIL
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:19:36 PM
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I won't be getting the Xbox One until they offer it WITHOUT that stupid Kinect paperweight.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #29 by kaiyo penguin
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:42:21 PM
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right now not too fussed about another console, im busy with my 360 as it is playing stuff i wanna play, let alone getting aroudnd to the xone yet, so not worrying about xbox 4.0 anytime soon. :)

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #30 by KBeastMode
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 05:51:14 PM
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Actually if you look back a month or two in the archives of this site, there was an article stating that the 360/ps3 Gen lasted longer than normal. I'd like to think it would take longer than 4-5 years for the next console, but that doesn't seem to be the case according to all of these guys

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #31 by Kroesis
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 06:12:30 PM
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@8 Actually, he said he may get rid of those departments depending on factors such as profitability etc... He isn't planning to get rid of them from the off. Besides, shareholders etc.. May have something to say about that.

Forum Posts: 6935
Comment #33 by Nevander
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 07:50:41 PM
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PC Master Race triumphs all. Sorry Microsoft.

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #34 by ch33zy
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 07:57:39 PM
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cheers. Might just have to do that.. Prefer having stuff to hand than to keep redownloading..

and @33.. If the pc id that much of a master race, do us all a favour and piss off to a pc forum where you can all be jerkin yer gherkin over the next £700 graphics card to play your "superior" games

Forum Posts: 396
Comment #35 by Darkrenegade25
Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 08:29:24 PM
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C'mon at least until 2020 Jesus! I just bought something for $500 and then in a few years it's gonna be useless. Logic -_-

Forum Posts: 793
Comment #36 by Cann0nSen5ei
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 12:28:25 AM
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Consoles aren't going away anytime soon, Microsoft just needs to straighten their business model(starting by not using microtransactions in RETAIL titles); it would also help to remember that the console industry is about GAMES, for if they don't, they'll end up like Nintendo.

@34 an Alienware(high end gaming pc manufacturer) PC starts at £600, or 700 US Dollars, gaming on the pc is cheaper than you think. A £700 graphics card is something only a small fraction of PC gamers would get, the "Super 1337 Hardcore PC Gamers"; so I kindly ask that you stop fueling PC elitism with your ill-directed hatred/anger at a random person on the internet, do it for humanity :D

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #37 by davhuit
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 02:19:23 AM
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To get back to the truth, a good graphic card costs ~160 dollars (gtx 660). A very high one cost ~250 dollars (gtx 760).

But that's not the problem, specs don't make a good or bad game. Deadly Premonition was really bad technical-wise and I loved the game.

I would have liked to buy an xbox one but with, at least, backward compatibility for XBLA games, it was a no-go for me (I have ~150 XBLA games and I'm pretty sure they'll be lost when Microsoft will decide to shutdown the servers, maybe once the successor to the XBOX One will be released. At that time, if my actual 360 dies, those ~150 XBLA games will be lost as even if you backup them on another hard drive, I wouldn't then be able to transfer the licences without being able to connect to xbox live).

I hope for games that there won't do the same error twice, and that dematerialized XBOX One will be backward compatibles with the next system (disc games isn't a problem as you can always buy a new system if the old one dies, you don't need to connect to any servers to play disc games), but I'm pretty sure they don't care and won't do that, because they make money, like Sony and Nintendo, buy selling the same games over and over :/

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #38 by davhuit
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 02:20:29 AM
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Really need an edit function someday ;-;

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #39 by ch33zy
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 08:40:46 AM
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I have a high end pc that I could use for gaming if I wanted to, I just prefer console gaming, always have since the day of the Atari 2600 (yep.. showing my age now).
Just getting really fucked off with this PC master race bullshit

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #40 by iSeeTheFearInU
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 09:10:22 AM
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Code Name: Chuck Norris

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #41 by iSeeTheFearInU
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 09:22:03 AM
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@36 $500 is cheaper then $700 and PC need updated at least every 3 years to play your AAA titles

Forum Posts: 759
Comment #42 by PANIC ATTACK 10
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 06:01:39 PM
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with the handhelds out now and how MS handled this E3. i can see where he is coming from. i use my 3DSXL more than my 360 & PS3. it takes less energy. also frees up my tv. i can play it at home and on the road. plus costs half as much as a console.

i have been gaming for over 40yrs now. sick of buying new consoles with no B/C either. the 3DSXL is now my choice system. :)

Forum Posts: 489
Comment #43 by Daniel55645
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 @ 09:03:57 AM
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i dont understand why anuvody would think home consoles arent here to stay or why this would be microsofts last console

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #44 by WHITEYBHOY
Saturday, January 18, 2014 @ 08:50:53 AM
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The XboxOne has been a waste of money for me ,Games are nothing to write home about & the machine as a whole is shite & feels rushed out.If i could get the money back i paid out , I'd take it .Spend more time on my 360 than I do on the Betamax .

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