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XBA Review: Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising DLC

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Ladies and gents, prepare yourself for a scathing indictment of everything that is wrong with downloadable content, or as I like to call it, “how to artificially pad out your game with unoriginal content and charge for it.” That’s basically what Dead Rising 3’s third episode of ‘Untold Stories of Los Perdidos’ is, and after the first two episodes we genuinely didn’t think it could get any worse. Boy, were we wrong!

Dead Rising 3’s ‘Chaos Rising’ throws you into the shoes of Hunter, a biker who’s been framed by a rival and betrayed by his gang, the Kings of Chaos. That’s right, folks, it’s a tale of revenge. I say revenge; it’s essentially just a collection of fetch quests – fetch this, fetch that, be my bitch. It’s a fetch quest orgy.

And that’s about as positive as I’m going to get, because Chaos Rising is basically an exercise in sado-masochism. Collect these bottles of whiskey from buildings you’ve been in a thousand times, destroy these phone kiosks on streets you’ve ridden down time and time again, and the kicker mission, is riding out around Los Perdidos to collect a dozen bikes and drive them back to a garage. You know, just because. It’s a big 'fuck you' to any Dead Rising fan.

Admittedly, those are side quests, but the main quest isn’t much better, and without the side quests, you’d probably be done in 30 minutes. Chaos Rising is the definition of artificially padding out an experience and you know what? It’s reprehensible! Genuinely, the best part of the DLC was when I’d finished everything and had to put the controller down as the next mission wasn’t ready to spawn yet. I want those three hours of my life back, I really do.

So, yeah, other than utter pain and an incredible rage that will stem from playing Chaos Rising, you’ll get some cool new weapons and a cool new combo bike, but it’s like sleeping with Jimmy Saville just to get 5-minutes with Cheryl Cole.

Quite simply put, Dead Rising 3’s ‘Untold Stories of Los Perdidos’ series has thus far left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I was happy to be a poster boy, singing the praises of the main game, but I cannot condone this. It’s almost like an act of war. What was once a juicy gobstopper, ripe with new tastes and experiences, is now just a bland and repetitive mess that’s giving me jaw ache. Let’s just get episode 4 released and put this travesty behind us.


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