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There Came an Echo is a Kinect Strategy Game Coming to Xbox One

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Developer Iridium has confirmed that 'There Came an Echo' will be heading to Xbox One as part of Microsoft's indie ID@Xbox initiative. Currently, the game is planned for a June release on PC with an Xbox One launch to follow.

There Came an Echo is a strategy game that utilises Kinect to command troops, with Star Trek: The Next Generation and former enemy of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton in a starring role. Featuring isometric maps, you'll order your platoon of soldiers using 500 voice-operated Kinect commands, such as opening fire, moving to objectives and so on.

The game will of course include an option to use an Xbox One controller if you prefer, and is currently 15-20% complete according to its Kickstarter page through which the There Came an Echo was funded. “We’re relentlessly committed, however, to updating our backers with constant, informative, seriously-Iridium-we-get-it-already updates. We have several backup plans in place with regard to a scaled-down graphical style, and we’re leaving a bit of financial ‘cushion’ to account for those inevitable hiccups along the way," Iridium says of the game and its projected June release.

“Any creative project of this scale has significant risks, and we understand that. Still, you placed your trust in us, and whatever bumps we encounter, rest assured that Iridium Studios is going to fulfil its promises and put out one hell of a game.”

Check out a very work in progress vertical slice of There Came an Echo in the video below. It carries the following disclaimer: "Almost literally nothing in this video is even close to final...except the models, maybe? Dialogue, voiceover, animation, art, sound effects, UI...all will undergo significant improvements before release. The video does not contain any advanced's meant to represent very basic movement, gameplay, and combat."

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