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EndWar Launch Trailer & Theatre of War Explained

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Ubisoft today released the EndWar launch trailer to celebrate the game's release this week. EndWar, another Tom Clancy franchise, is the world's first RTS title that is entirely voice controlled and throws gamers smack bang in the middle of World War 3 in some pretty well known locations. If the end of the world was nigh, then this is how it would look.

In addition to the release trailer above, Ubisoft sent out a run down of what its main multiplayer mode, the Theatre of War, will entail. Rather than paraphrase it and rewrite it, I'll let them explain it in their own words:


EndWar's Theatre of War Mode

The Theater of War mode is an online persistent campaign of World War III where thousands of players compete to lead their nation to world domination. It is the ultimate challenge for a commander.

How to Play

1. Enlist in the U.S. Joint Strike Force, European Federation Enforcers Corp, or Russia Spetsnaz Guard Brigade. Answer the call of duty or the call of money – some factions may offer enlistment bonuses.

2. Pick your battalion – each with a different task force and specialization.

3. Navigate your strategic display of the world at war. It reveals the status of your current military campaign.

Colored hexagons reveal critical information about territories:

• The types of territories:

Capital City

• The territory owner (inside color): orange for USA, blue for European Federation, green for Russia

• The attacker (outline color) when a frontline is open

Your victories contribute to your faction’s overall war effort, ultimately allowing it to move the frontline forward and come one step closer to winning the war.

You can fight alone or cooperatively along with another human commander, bringing units from your respective battalions and sharing command points, Uplink benefits, and supports.

After each battle your surviving units gain ranks, and you can review and upgrade them in the barracks.

At the end of each day of fighting, territories are won or lost and new fronts open and new battlegrounds become available. Watch the turn report to hear the latest news from the front lines and check the status of the war on to oversee your faction’s expansion or demise, and prepare for the next battle.

Theater of War Basics

Victory conditions: Victory conditions vary from one Theater of War campaign to the next.

Campaign update: Once per day, the campaign map is updated according to the results of all the battles fought during the day. Frontlines move back or forth and new battlefields and missions become available.

Note: you cannot choose and play a mission during the cease-fire period of the campaign update.

Special Territories: Bases and capital cities are special territories.

Air and army bases respectively provide Air Support and Force Recon. You can raid bases controlled by enemy factions to disable their support temporarily.

Capital cities must be won for 3 turns in a row to be conquered by a faction: first in conquest, then in assault, and finally in siege, to be conquered by a faction.

Air Support and Force Recon: You must be fighting in a territory in the vicinity of friendly air or army bases to be able to call in Air Support or Force Recon during battle. Certain territories you fight in may not be covered for one or both types of support.

Persistent battalion: Your Theater of War battalion is persistent. Your units acquire experience and gain ranks battle after battle if they survive, and you earn credits that allow you to upgrade them from the barracks.

You only have one battalion per Theater of War campaign and you cannot import battalions from your single-player campaigns.

Change Faction and Battalion
You can change your battalion or faction from the barracks.

• Changing faction: your current battalion is disbanded and all unit ranks, your purchased upgrades, and your credits are permanently lost.

• Changing battalion within the same faction
: you keep your purchased upgrades and credits but your unit ranks are permanently lost.

In the World War III and Theater of War online campaign modes, you build your own personal army. Surviving units gain experience from battle and gain ranks. You can also purchase a variety of unit and battalion upgrades such as advanced weapons or special ability, and change your battalion camouflage pattern.

As your units inflict damage to enemy units and survive battles, they gain experience. When a unit accumulates enough experience, it gets promoted to a higher rank. The rank of a unit is displayed on its unit card in the unit dashboard. Veteran units have increased moral and combat capabilities over new recruits, and have access to more advanced upgrades and weapons.

Credits (CR) are your currency during a Campaign. When playing the World War III campaign or the Theater of War online campaign, you earn credits according to your battle results. You can spend your credits in the barracks to acquire upgrades for your units or for your battalion.

The Barracks
In the course of a single-player or Theater of War campaign, you can review, upgrade, and customize your persistent battalion from the Barracks. You can only access the Barracks between battles, from the main campaign screen.

Unit Upgrades (Unit upgrades are purchased for the entire unit type, not just for a single unit)

There are 4 main categories of upgrades per unit type:


Each upgrade has a cost in Credits, and you need to have enough funds to be able to purchase it. In addition, certain Upgrades also have rank requirements. Those upgrades are effective only for units with a rank equal or greater than the rank requirement.

Some upgrades are improvements over previously owned upgrades. More advanced upgrades automatically replace obsolete versions.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is available now in North America and will be available on Friday throughout Europe.


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