MCM London Comic Con (May 2014)

MCM London Comic Con Games Stage Recap #1 Featuring Lords of the Fallen, Brian Fargo & TT Games

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This time last weekend we were surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people at the MCM London Comic Con, dazzling the masses with our Games Stage schedule. Of course, we were dazzling the masses at home via our live stream over on too, which had 60,000 viewers across the weekend.

In case you missed it though, we recorded HD versions and packaged them up for you to soak up as and when you please, which is what brings us here right now. It was a great weekend of content too, so of course, we advise you heed our advice and watch it.

In the first of our three recap posts this weekend – with video recap #2 post coming tomorrow afternoon, before our usual cosplay and highlight video round up post landing tomorrow evening – we’re bring you the first 6 of our 12 sessions.

The first 6 sessions saw a breadth of talent step onto our stage to do a whole variety of video game orientated activities. Whether you’re talking about Mark Fowler playing amazing video game music on his piano (To Zanarkand, man! To Zanarkand, it got me right in the feels), Wendee Lee (League of Legends, Persona, etc.) talking about her career in the industry, the TT Games All Star panel which saw 4 chaps from the British studio come to talk about their experiences at TT Games, or the impressive looking Lords of the Fallen demo with Blazej Zywiczynski, Associate Producer at CI Games, there’s something for everyone.

For the PC-orientated crowd – because our Games Stage show is about all games, and not just console games (which are our bread and butter) – we’ve got Brian Fargo talking about and showing off Wasteland 2, as well as Creative Director, Chad Moore, and English Community Manager, Mark Hulmes, showing off Wildstar. 6 great sessions worthy of your time and attention, if we do say so ourselves.

It's that time where we should shut up and let our videos do the talking, so, enjoy, folks, there’s plenty more of this where this came from too.

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our new video network, Resero, if you’ve got the time and like our content, which you really should do because we're such loveable chaps. Such. Loveable. Chaps!


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